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THIS RIGHT HERE IS MY FUCKING CARD! I am a huge shipper, and will go down with my ships so I am very pleased to make this card. 😈 I even made one of those shipping charts but good luck reading it lol! 😂 Okay. Enough playing. Time to set sail! TO THE SHIPS! Let's head down the STRAIGHT path first.


There are no words to describe how freaking cute these two are! I love them so much and ship them so hard and the 6th pic is about the moment I put all crucifixion reserves aside I was like "OMFG! SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!" And now lose my shit whenever they have a moment! I love them so much! Straight OTP! 😍😍😍😍


Another unbelievably cute pairing that I freak out over! I'm sure I speak for many when I say that the episode where they almost kissed then Jellal chickened out made me rage! A table was flipped that day! Seriously though I love these two! Especially how kick ass Erza can suddenly turn into a sputtering mess or the other way around! 😍


No explanation needed! They're adorable! (Pic 3: the Tsundere is strong!)


Yes, some may find this a bit creepy with the age gap, but I find these two adorable as hell! When Tartarus attacked he was just like "Where's Wendy? Is Wendy okay?" And I'm just like "OMG! Kawaii!" (Yes the web was strong here 😝)


With their past together it's kind of like JErza. They really deserve each other! Especially after the hell Loke put himself through for her. 😊


Watch Fairy Tail Zero. There is no explanation needed for these two!


Yes I know it's not canon. I know it will never be canon. I just really hate Gruvia though and think these two deserve each other. Juvia usually annoys the hell out of me, but she still deserves someone who was willing to give her the world from the start instead of dense af (sorry Gray 😣) so I ship these two.


Cute as hell! No explanation!


I pity their alcohol budget, but I think they perfect! 😊

Honorable Straight Mentions

AlzackXBisca StingXMinerva (post Tartarus) RenXSherry RogueXYukino

Now to the Yaoi!


Yes I know they act like they hate each other in the show, but I ship these two SO HARD! I'm working on a fanfiction for these two. Read fanfiction for it, and all shall be revealed!


This is canon and NO ONE can convince me otherwise!

To the ONE Yuri ship Hiro caused.


I don't read fanfiction or heavily follow it, but in the moments they were there, I smiled. 😊

I must add my BrOTPs. It's necessary.


I saw a post on this app asking "What if Natsu and Juvia got drunk while listening to Adele, and everyone found them outside trying to LITERALLY set Fire to the Rain" and they have been a BrOTP since.

(1st pic when you google Natsu and Juvia BrOTP 😂)


They were from the same guild, and Juvia was the only one Gajeel could actually stand. Once the Phantom Lord guild disbanded however, Juvia still worried about Gajeel and made sure he got a place to call home which gave me so much respect for Juvia. Once they joined Fairy Tail too, Juvia still kept an eye on Gajeel to make sure he was alright so this is a MAJOR BrOTP!


So this one is actually more BrOTP in the sense of Brother because yes both Natsu and Gajeel treat Wendy like a little sister, but Gajeel a little more so. He treats Wendy like his little sister, looking out for her, and just kind of acts like the cool big brother I'm sure anyone would want.


And lastly we have these two. There's not really much to say about these two. They're bros. They were teammates before Loke was outed as a Spirit, and when it was time for the S-Class trials he came back to help Gray out after a promise. That's about it for the reasoning!

Hope you all enjoyed!

(All Art goes to their original owners. I OWN NOTHING but my opinions) [now going to bleach my eyes from a crack ships I found looking for my ships 😣]