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I have never been so worried before for my bias group. BamBam and Yugyeom are being attacked and it started by a freaking snapchat. Look these boys were at a party at Mark's. I am not sure whether Yugyeom really drank or just got tired and sun blistered. BamBam I didn't even hear him say the word. Over all they are getting threats and it is so fucking stupid. These boys do not deserve to be trashed and treated like shit by fake ass fans. Also Mark having a tattoo. Let me say this loud and clear. SO WHAT. HOW CAN YOU BE MAD WHEN JAY PARK AND EVEN MORE THAN JUST HIM HAVE TATTOOS. I am pissed at the people threatening them and worried as to what will happen. These boys are human too.
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I agree and the age limit for drinking in Korea is different than in America so if he did drink how would he even know? And BamBam was speaking in Korean when he supposedly said the N word but Niga in Korean means something totally different then in English