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Alright guys. You know what time it is! It's shipping time for the first day of the Big Bang Community Party!!!
But who do I ship?
Well definelty GD and Pillow TOP!!!! Just look at them!!!! So cewt
Awwwww but the real TOP is sad now!!!! What will I do!?! ㅠㅠ
It's okay! TOP can be shipped with himself!!! ^-^
Hey...Wait a minute...
Hey! Hey!!!! I said wait!!!!
...Alright fine! You guys win!! You two are just so cute together!!!! >.> ....I guess I ship you two ^-^
Well yes I am actually! Thank you for asking TOP....Haha no not really...
But secretly....I also ship these two But don't tell TOP
Oh...Oh!!! Taeyang! Are you sad because I didn't ship you with anybody??
Oh no!! Are you sad too Seungri!? Whatever will I do??
I know!! I'll just ship the two of you!!!!
Ah see? So perfect!! ^-^
And those are my ships ^-^ Who do you ship??
Meanwhile....The Daesuk ship...
@MaggieHolm @lovetop Yes!!!!!! Ships!!!! 😆
GTOP!!!! SHIP!!!!
I ship gd&top, and daeri as well as gyang