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Ok I have a part of a song stuck in my head and I can't figure it out and I don't even know if these are the actual lyrics or if they even sound like the actual ones but "sok tori tenikka" something like that idk. When I try and look it up I can't find anything, I can't place the voice of who sings it either. So if you know please help haha it's been bothering me for the last like 5 hours
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Ummm I'm not sure either! I'm sorry:l
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It sounds like a shinee song but I don't know! Maybe a Jonghyun song???
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@CrookedShadow it's alright haha @AmberRelynn yep it was his cover of Y Si Fuera Ella and the lyrics I had in my head were actually "isseul uriil tenikka" I was close haha
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