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It's day 2 of the BBCP!! And now I have to say which Big Bang member I relate to most with!

But who do I relate to most with?

Am I as weird as the child of the group, TOP?

Kind of...?

Can I dance as well as the sexy dancer of Big Bang, Taeyang?

No...But I hopefully will one day!

Can I smile as brightly as the angel, Daesung?

I love to smile and I love to make other people smile, but I'm not a smiling angel like Daesung.

Am I a drama queen like the panda, Seungri?

Haha I pretend to be one, but I'm really not cx

Am I fashionable like the fashionista, G-Dragon?

No... But!

Am I a shy little fluffball like G-Dragon?

....Definelty! I'm so shy around people!

Can I be as confident on stage as G-Dragon?

I feel like I could be since that's how I act when I don't have a worry in the world

Am I as dark and creepy as G-Dragon can sometimes be?

Oh definetly! I love all that dark stuff and I can definetly relate to that!!

Am I as lonely as our wonderful G-Dragon?

....I really hope G-Dragon is as lonely as I am, but yes I can relate to that.

Can I relate to G-Dragon's songs?

Most of them I can, and I can't relate to the whole song then there are always some lyrics I can relate to in all his songs.

Do I laugh as loud as much as G-Dragon?

Yes!! I love to laugh and I smile as widely as G-Dragon!!

Am I as silly as G-Dragon?

Oh most definelty! The silly things he does, I would probably also do as well ^-^
And I also love teddy bears and many people say I'm very adorable!! Just like GD!! cx Well I think it's safe to say that I'm most like the Leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon!! So what do you guys think? Am I just like him or did I get it totally wrong?? Also, who do you guys most relate to?
@lovetop Hahah thanks cX
@CrookedShadow..I can see u as Bingu like TOP, Dance like Taeyang, Smile like Angel Dae, Drama Queen like PandaRi....but for GD...I am not so sure...(Hahahha...I am so bad=p)