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When I first got into Kpop two years ago, one of the first few groups I was introduced to was VIXX. But I really got into them, and by really I mean R E A L L Y got into them, about two months ago. And it aaaaaaallllll started with this one girly scream from a mini Satan named Hyuk!
I am not kidding. I found Hyuk screaming so hilarious for some reason and that I watched the entire episode and ended up watching the entire VIXX DIARY, PLAN V DIARY and VIXX ONE FINE DAY If I had to choose a bias earlier, I would've chosen Hongbin because he was the only one who attracted my attention (for his good looks, obviously ) But now, I CAN'T CHOOSE. IT'S SOOOO HAAAARD! How do people just choose one and stick with it? TELL ME YOUR SECRET!
How can they AAAALLL be soooo goofy and adorable and funny at the same time? it's not even like only one member is goofy, ALL of them are just as cracked
and when they become this....
I made this card because I wanted to become friends with more Startlights here. And please feel free to tag me in any VIXX related cards! There's a lot of other groups I adore too. Maybe I'll make cards for them as well!
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So true!!
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yeassss when they turn all serious and manly and irresistible.... my heart catches on fire. so unnecessary! keke
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Leo is my bias. Like no joke when I first got into them and went to check out their profiles I came across Leo and it was like a magnet! I Couldn't remember the others names (besides Ravi's) and had to force myself to learn the others names. Then Ravi is like always by my side trying but not trying to steal me away from Leo. N and Ken keep trying and have almost succeeded a few times but Leo is my Ultimate Bias and he ain't putting up with the others shizit! Soo I didn't really "decide." Leo chose for me.
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@princess2425 Haha! It's like in harry Potter," The fan doesn't choose the bias, the bias chooses the fan." 馃槀馃槀
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@ShifaKulsoom - Oh my word yes!! 馃憦馃槒馃槀
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