Requested by: @taetaebaozi You were on a date with your boyfriend. He's rich, but you could tell he never cared for you. He never loved you like... Taehyung. Your ex. It's been 4 years since you met Taehyung. You guys loved passionately, and even if years passed, you could't forget about him. He was perfection. The way he had that childish smile, melted your heart. And when he turned around saying, '(y/n)ah' you couldn't help your self from smiling. It was too hard to forget. It was too good to forget. But, you knew you couldn't go back. It was too late. You recently moved into a new apartment. It's been a few weeks, and now you're totally settled. You got a text from your friend saying, "Let's meet up at my house 5:30" You got ready, and as you stepped out of the door, infront of you was a familiar guy going inside the door right across from you. Instinctively you said, "Taehyung-ah" The guy turned around giving you a blank stare. Taehyung. "(Y/n)?" You were so surprised, you didn't know what to say. Both of you were in an awkward silence. "How were you?" Taehyung asked trying to break the silence. "...I'm...good... How were you?" "I.. Was okay." "Oh..." "I'll be seeing you often now." "Yeah...umm... I have to go somewhere, bye." You ran off to the stairs, trying to swallow your tears. But you couldn't. He was the guy of your dreams. He meant your whole life. You told your friend, you couldn't go. As you went inside your room, you took out a photo album. You never threw away anything that Taehyung gave you or what you guys did together. It was too hard. As you flipped through the pages, these memories, you wanted to go back. Few hours later, there was a knock on the door, and when you opened it... It was Taehyung. He held a few beer cans and asked, "Can I go in?" You answered, "Uh.... Yeah." You took him to the living room and you guys talked about a few things. "Hey, where's the bathroom?" "Oh, I'll show you." You walked awkwardly in front of him and led him to the bathroom. When you turned around, he wasn't there. You looked quickly into your bedroom, and there he was. He looked lost, looking at the photo album. You quickly put it away. "(Y/n)-ah." "It's nothing, it's just-" "It's just what?" You felt tears coming out from your eyes. "(Y/n)! Are you happy right now?" "Taehy-" "I sent you off because I wanted you to be happy. Not seeing you recall our memories, and cry over a STUPID BREAKUP!" "IT WASN'T A STUPID BREAKUP!..... You meant the world to me. How do you think I felt when you took off, out of my life?" He had no answer. "You sent me because you wanted me to be happy? Shut up. I never wanted to date some stupid rich guy that never had any feelings for me!" "Then why are you dating him now?" "How did y-" "I saw you two walking into your apartment few days ago." "I DON'T LOVE HIM." "Stop. You're parents didn't like me anyway." "Taehyung look at me. I LOVE YOU." He quickly pulled you into a deep kiss. Putting his hands on your face. The kiss was beautiful, just like the way he did 4 years ago. His tongue searched through you, conquering your whole body. As he let go he said, "(y/n). I love you. And I always will." That moment was another start to your love story. But this time, it was going to be one that will never end.
I hoped you guys liked that one! Requests are totally open, so if you want one please comment down below~ (@yaya12- yours will be up tmr 馃槉)
@hayoungforever omg thank you thank you soo soo much!! yay!!!!~
@taetaebaozi Of course! I'll do one with Jungkook and maybe another with xiumin. A happy ending is always something I like, so I'll be able to write another one~^^ 鈽猴笍馃憣馃徏 Thanks for liking it! I always love writing these so, you can always request one whenever you like!
@hayoungforever aww thank you can i request one with xiumin or suho or baekhyun?? or either jungkook!! ahh so hard to choose one of them but can you do one of those for me again?? i loved it soo much the same request as well angst with happy ending?
@taetaebaozi I'm so glad you liked it~^^ just remember I'm always open for requests鈽猴笍馃憤馃徎
omo omo 馃槶馃槶馃槶 i didnt like it i LOVED it sooo much huhu 馃槶馃槶 thank youuu~