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So I Fell in love with another Badass a couple weeks ago when one of Most Anticipated Shows came around!! Ladies and Gentlemen Allow my to introduce you to Waifu #37 Lieutenant Bluesy Fluesy!!! Most People call Her Izzy, her looks maybe deceiving, but her tattoo had a side effect that trapped her inside a young Teenage body, and is alot older than she looks....
But this girl is a Freakin badass who knows a thing or two about Hand to hand combat, Just ask Akatsuka Seigi here (The Male MC).... He got his ass tore up!
Just like any other Female Badass, Izzy also has a really adorable personality which really makes me laugh and just makes me wanna snuggle with her, but that probably would end up with me lying in a pool of my own blood missing an arm... Anyway LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE WAIFU #37 LIEUTENANT BLUESY "IZZY" FLUESY!!!!!!! #TabooTattoo #BluesyFluesy #Pint-SizedBadass #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer @NeckoNecko @SimplyAwkward @Captpeter @KurosakiJess @Watermage @AlexCattura @Aimebolanos @tylor619 @hikaymm @simplynick @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew @SAMURXAI