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I'm so confused
Basically a bunch of stuff happened at this party that Mark's parents threw at their house in LA for the boys. A ton of Mark's friends were there & mostly girls were posting stuff on their snapchats & basically the highlights from those are that: Bam Bam said the n word, Yugyeom is "supposedly" drunk(underage drinking) and Mark has a tattoo. I've been hearing lately that Bam Bam actually asked about what the n word means and one of Mark's friends (lots of people are saying Andrew) apparently told him that it meant brother. So obviously, not knowing any better, Bam Bam said it and now a crap ton of people are furious... :'(
So basicly, idk if it was one friend or a couple of Mark's friends, but they posted videos of the boys on snapchat and in one Bambam says the n word and i guess Yugyeom was drinking even though he is under age and Mark has a tattoo and other people posted it on other sites like Twitter and so angry fans are attacking them. Its so dumb.
I think it may just all be a misunderstanding, but I really don't know much about this at all. As for those guys giving BamBam wrong information, I wouldn't blame BamBam for it, that's just messed up. I hope this will work itself out, I really hate seeing the boys get this much hate for something that could just be a small misunderstanding.
This whole situation was completely blown out of proportion & I am so upset & sad hearing about all of this >_< I hope my explanation made some sense^^; hope I helped & I also hope everything will get better soon..♡
@caitiesu @PolarStarr thanks guys I was wondering what was happening but now I know BamBam Yugyeom and Mark shouldn't get hate
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