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Other hobbies include reading manga, drawing manga, longboarding, lifting when not injured!! Ohh and meeting anyone with anime involved in their life!! As well as gettin ANIME tats all over my entire body!! And all my vingle anime NAKAMA of course!! I can be down and love doing like anything whether hiding in a corner at work watching anime on my phone or fake falling down the stairs to make people laugh haha!! As long as it lets my ADHD run wild I'll do it and enjoy it!! @KurosakiJess @ChrisStephens @HunnaBallue @DevilsSon You know I'm basically into anything wreck less and anything that represents being free and having no one holding me or your dreams back or oppressing anyone in our world! I fight to protect the NAKAMA I love and live for!! And I love you all, my crew is my fam and my fam is my LOVE!! Thanks for making life worth living and SAILING!! When I become king We will all reap the benefits of everyday life fredom!! Anime is life!!
@hikaymm @SunnyMing94 I have a few people to thank as well for my life's excitement. I can't contain my ADHD for one so it just gets put into positive energy but @KurosakiJess helped me navigate through some tough waters so I have to give her tons of thanks n love n support!! Also I mean C'mon all these NAKAMA around and who could be excited and crazy!! NAKAMA everywhere how do I even contain myself?? It's like a meat festival hosted specifically for me!! Hahahaha Live life free and full of dreams and adventures even the small ones in your heads and its contagiously happy NAKAMA!!
@Mikazuki1 LOL!!! @LuffyNewman you're always so excited about life!! It's contagious!
@LuffyNewman I guess that makes things better😅😅
@Mikazuki1 no I totally am a pirate so I rob banks on water haha!!
@LuffyNewman yahohohohoho full of life it's so aspiring thank you nakama for being a bright light
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