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(^^ Liking the New Mashima Drawing❤)

O.M.G. Finally my main category! SHIPS!! xD I love FT Ships! I probably ship almost everyone in the damn anime lol. Since it's ships I guess I have no choice but to go all out on this one! So Let's Go!

(There might be some spoilers so watch out!)

Natsu × Lucy❤

Gray × Juvia❤

Gajeel × Levy❤

Erza × Jellal❤

Bisca × Alzack❤

Mavis × Zeref❤

Happy × Carla❤

Elfman × Evergreen❤

Mirajane × Laxus❤

Hibiki × Jenny❤

Kinana × Cobra/Erik❤

Lisanna × Bixlow❤

Yukino × Sting❤

Lyon × Meredy❤

Rogue × Kagura❤

Cana × Bacchus❤

I think that's all of my ships xD.... TuT yes... I know... I need help you guys xD So Who Do You Ship?


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a year ago·Reply
Ship them all 🙋
a year ago·Reply
I love most of these except for nalu gruvia Mavis and zeref, Lyon and meredy, and Rogue and kagura like no I'm sorry but no.. TOTALLY LOVE GALE THO
a year ago·Reply
Wendy and Romeo, one of my top ships
a year ago·Reply
I don't know how I missed this! Obviously I love GaLe lol they're my top otp. And then Lisanna X Bixlow (i wish I were Lisanna 😫) I kinda like Sting X Minerva. Also Wendy X Mest
a year ago·Reply