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Thank you @ChoiJiah another fun game! LET'S GO!!
9/10 times you will find me reading lol
Um hello Seobie... making my library romance imaginings come true right here...
I bet you smell just as good Junhyung. *I did not just think that.. sorry.. moving on now* =^^=
=^^= totally tongue tied. major blushing would occur. *Thank you* ~runs away~
Ooooh pretty! I would so wear that.
Don't tease me Joon that's not nice!
Aww! If you don't mind me possibly stepping on your toes I'd love to dance with you Seobie!
*cue the major blushes again* Um.. um.. ah... you look very handsome too Junhyung, thank you.
AHHHH! *Dead*
Joon! *growls* You're ruining my beautiful fairy-tale moment here! (maybe you shouldn't've teased me and just danced with me hmm?)
Why?! Why am I confused?! *whines* It was going so perfectly until Joon showed up!..
OH MY GOSH SEOBIE! *surprised but completely happy* I guess I should've know when we met in the library and he kissed my hand, we were meant to be. *content le sigh* *now can we make this happen in real life please? That'd be perfect lol
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what a perfect ending 😄