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Today's the day I show you the lovely world of fashion through the eyes of Mr. OneOfAKind him self and you may be wondering ...why does it say best & worst....well friends let me show you

Here we have some of the worst fashion choices in the history of life itself

here we have some of the best fashion choices ever! the last one (minus the rattails ) is probably one of my favorites

oops...looks like I forgot a bad one...although jiyong oddly still looks good in this

more amazing fashion choices.....but I saved the best for last

Jiyong in furry hats will forever and always be my favorite thing in this world

idk what it is ...but the moment I see that hat on his head I forget what life is

sorry for the short card...hope you guys enjoyed


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that last shirt thou. with the couple kissing is hilarious.
@MaelstromVIP hilarious and very very random😂😂
I actually love the first picture in the worst fashion lol Now the other 2 I can agree is not his best fashion moments lol
i absolutely love gd oppa nd his fashion style soooooooooo muchhhh ❤❤❤😘😘
GD has such a weird and interesting style cz