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Jeju Harubang Keyring / 제주 하루방 열쉬고리

제주의 하루방의 특별한 열쉬고리 입니다. 사람 캍이 얼굴 캍은 사람 없으니까, 이 키홀더에 얼글들이 다 달라요~
제주 예술시장에서 완전 인기인 작품엿어요 ㅎㅎ 지금 온라인도 판매 가능합니다!
Based on Jeju Island's mythological stone guardian statue Deol Harubang (Stone Grandfather). Each drawing is unique and handmade, there are no two kinds of the same item, so consider that it will be a bit of surprise will you get widely smiling Harubang with his both hands up or shyly grinning one with one hand waving and etc.
Size: 3 - 4 cm diameter
Watercolors on wood
by Agne Latinyte