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my other hobbies other than anime I lift weights(well not as much now, due to my injuries from the accident), playing cardfight vanguard, and more than anything not just my hobbie but my passion is cooking
playing vangaurd is fun and exciting for its luck and skill based less skill than yugioh and more luck than magic yahohohohoho I've always enjoyed collecting cards but this game is something else
cooking has been my passion all my life my mom would tell me when I was too I would try and cook an egg on the stove with the shell still in the pan yahohohohoho I love cooking so much it's tattooed on my stomach to show my love for everyone and food
YAHOHOHOHOHO YAHOHOHOHOHO one more whaaaaaaaat I'm not an avid gamer but there is one game I've been playing for 19 plus years and that is
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@SimoneSanders of course I can cook for ya but be ready to eat yahohohohoho I'm a Texas boy and I make big portions yahohohohoho
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@SunnyMing94 Nryufufufu thanks I like yours too
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@AutmnWinds yahohohohoho well thank you
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That food looks really good dude
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@KageTsuki040910 yohohohoho thank you young nakama
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