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Soo I just wrote on the pics cause I was lazy and didn't copy the actual descriptions lol ANYway here we go~ Seobie baby showing up first aww it's gonna be a good dream~
Why are you whining what's wrong hun?
Ah. Dongwoon what did you do to your hyung?
Ok guys I'm not a tug-toy.. use your words and I'm happy to help you Hyunseung.
Doo-Joon! Cheese and crackers guys y'all gonna yank my arms off chill!
STOP IT! *what is happening right now?!* This was supposed to be a good dream you guys!
You were one of the ones just fighting mister but thanks anyway.
*le sigh* you know I can't stay mad at any of you for long.. you're forgiven.
wait what? did that all actually happen? And why are you calling me now mister I stayed out of everything and didn't help at all??
*BLUSHES* *BLUSHES* *BLUSHES* well... I guess that explains why you were first in my dreams doesn't it... thanks again @ChoiJiah for another fun one!
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your welcome! enjoyed your results.