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Yeah, I'm just gonna keep up that pattern. Why not? :3 So... other hobbies... I'd say "none," but that would be a bold-faced lie. And the last thing I want to is kick off any potential friendships with a lie. So, here are my (actual) other hobbies.


One of my first loves. I'm always creating stories in my head, and I like to put those stories down on paper. I'm actually writing a novel, and a fanfiction, though I haven't updated the fic in a while because I've been focusing on the novel. (The fic is an Attack on Titan AU called Total Anarchy of the Heart, and it's on AO3 if you want to take a look and tell me what you think.) I also have a few pieces up on a site called Writer's Network... I'm Yentruoc on there. Also of note, I don't just write stories... I've written poetry, essays, opinion pieces... I just love words.


I listen to just about anything, really, save for most mainstream hip-hop and pop. However, I'm definitely a rock girl by heart. Nothing I love more than a sexy guitar riff and a pounding drum beat. My favorite genres are post-hardcore, (pop)punk, metal, and screamo.


I draw. I draw a lot. (Well, not as much as I used to... but I'm trying to get back into it.) I used to make mini-comics when I was a kid, many of which I sadly no longer have. Plus I used to draw fanart of all my favorite shows and comics. Also, that novel I was talking about? I'm calling it a "light novel" to have an excuse to add illustrations. XD


Science, cooking, writing style, the commute to work, you name it... simply put, I'm easily fascinated by novelty, and my favorite question is "why" (why should I do it this way? Why does this work the way it does? Why take this path when this one is shorter?) It used to piss my mother off (hahahahahaha, I said "used to...")


Remember how I said I love words? That includes other people's. I'll read fantasy, mystery, romance, fanfics, newspapers, billbords, plastic bags, neon signs... if there is a word on it, my eyes are drawn to it. (If anyone here watches The Twilight Zone, I'm a lot like Mr. Beamis in Time Enough At Last.)

Video Games

And last but not least, I enjoy gaming whenever I get the chance to do so. Nothing like chilling on the couch for a long night of killing anything that moves.
Once again, that's the end of my card for today, and I shall return again tomorrow. Ja ne! @hikaymm