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Genre: Angst, CEO au
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Length: 1895 words
Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.
Part: 6/?
I ignored him completely, the rage bubbling inside me as I remembered that god-awful image of him and that secretary on his desk.
“If you take a seat, I’m sure Sir will be with you shortly. In fact, I’ll go see if he’s free right now.” I walked around the large table and tried to manoeuvre around him. I was unsuccessful of course. He gripped my upper arm, easily stopping me from going any further.
“He’s not. I always come early to meetings to prepare paperwork.”
Ah. So this had purely been coincidence. Jimin was eyeing me up and down, a sinful look in his eyes. Where had Yoongi got to?
“Mr Park, let go of me.”
“Y/n”, he cooed. He was eerily calm and it put me on edge. “I thought we were on first name terms now?”
“That would be unprofessional”, I replied robotically, wincing as his grip tightened. He leant in and whispered “Who was on the phone? Tell me.”
He genuinely didn’t know. He must have just caught the last bit of mine and Jungkook’s conversation. I shivered as he slowly moved his hand up and down my arm.
“I don’t see how that’s any of your concern. I’m nothing to you Mr Park. I’m not working for you. I’m not an associate. I’m not your friend nor am I a lover. So leave me the hell alone.”
He put his free hand on his chest, feigning heartbreak. “Ouch. OK, well if you want to do it the hard way, I’ll get the truth out by other means." He let go of me, and started texting someone. I frowned. What the hell did that mean?
“What are you doing?” He ignored me.
“Jimin, what the fuck are you doing?”, I demanded, all formalities dropped. He stopped whatever he was doing and smirked. “I love it when you say my name.”
Then he went back to his phone. He put the device on speaker phone and I stared at it, wondering who he was calling- and why?
“Baby”, he crooned, when a woman answered. Not just any woman- that was the unmistakable, whiny voice of that damn secretary.
Jimin didn’t take his eyes off me as he whispered “She’s going to start firing people on my behalf. Starting with your friends.” My eyes widened. He was willing to throw his workers out for this?!
“No”, I whispered. “No Jimin, stop it.”
“Tell me who you were talking to.”
“OK. I will. Just put the phone down.” He instantly hung up, cutting off that voice I was beginning to hate.
“Obviously it sucks that you aren’t here”, he breathed, quoting what he’d heard from my conversation. “But it feels good to know I’m not some degraded, taken-for-granted secretary.”
He cocked his head and waited for a response. “I was talking to my friend. She’s my neighbour who called to check up on my new job”, I lied. Jimin, to my surprise, kind of relaxed. Either he was stupid as hell, or I was a better liar than I gave myself credit for.
I checked the time. 5 minutes before Namjoon got here. And if the muffled commotion downstairs was anything to go by, Yoongi wouldn’t be here anytime soon.
“Why’d you do it?”, I suddenly blurted out.
He knew instantly what I was referring to, and to my dismay, he just shrugged. “Because I wanted to. I felt like it.” I couldn’t hide the disbelief in my expression as he lowered his voice to say “And I always get what I want.”
I pushed him away. “You’re unbelievable.”
He smirked again. “I know.” Thank god Yoongi running back just then. He froze at the sight before him, but carefully spoke. “C’mon y/n, I’ll show you your workspace.”
Jimin didn’t move, so I spoke over his shoulder. “Did you fix the problem?” He just nodded. “Was it an imminent hard drive failure and luckily someone had backed up the data in some form of external storage?”
He stared at me. “How did you...?”
I shrugged. “I told you I could have helped.” I paused before asking, “Can you do me a favour Yoongi? Can you get Namjoon down here? Tell him Mr Park’s waiting.” Yoongi must have seen the desperation in my eyes because he wordlessly complied.
“Such a smart girl”, Jimin cooed quietly once Yoongi shut the door. “But she makes such silly decisions...”. His lips ghosted over my jawline, and I almost, almost melted into him. But then I remembered Jungkook, and jerked away.
“Me quitting the shitty job you gave me was not a ‘silly decision.’ I still don’t regret it and I probably never will”, I snapped. His condescending tone was getting annoying.
He chuckled, an amused glint in his eyes. “I see the way you look at me y/n. I remember that night very well. You like me, don’t you?”
“No Jimin. I don’t like you. You were a one night stand, nothing more.”
He didn’t react to my words at all. “How do you expect me to believe you, when even you don’t believe what you’re saying?” He backed me up slowly, until the back of my thighs hit the table.
“I want you back y/n”, he murmured , his hand gripping my waist. “You’re the only one who does the job properly.” Another hand started caressing my thigh. “The only one I want.”
I sighed into his touch before I realised what was actually happening. “Stop it Jimin”, I said sternly. “We can’t do this.”
“And why not?”, he challenged, scanning me with lust-filled eyes.
“I’m with someone.”
His expression turned to rage as he let go in disbelief. He had just opened his mouth to speak, when I heard someone approaching, and quickly moved away from him. Just as I straightened myself up, Namjoon appeared.
“Sorry to keep you waiting Jimin”, he apologised, not at all perturbed that I was in here- Yoongi must have told him.
“Not at all”, Jimin hummed, his eyes still on me. “You know I’m always early.”
“Y/n, Mr Min’s waiting outside”, Namjoon informed me pointedly. I gave both men a curt nod before leaving abrupt, eager to get away from that now stifling room.
“Thank you”, I breathed to Yoongi as soon as I shut the door behind me.
“No problem. Although Namjoon wasn’t too pleased with me leaving you alone in the meeting room”, he mumbled.
I didn’t see Jimin for the rest of that day and to my relief, Namjoon didn’t bring up the topic at all, even when he came by to ask how my first day was. I replied honestly, telling him it was an amazing experience, and that I could tell I would love working here. He let me leave an hour early, seeing as it had been a packed first day.
When I got out of the building, I immediately recognised one car parked amongst a long line of vehicles. It was Hoseok’s. I walked towards it and as I neared, I saw an angry looking Jungkook in the drivers seat.
He was staring into thin air, and I knocked on the window of the passenger seat, snapping him out of his trance. He unlocked the door, and I got in.
“Jungkook? What are you doing here? And why aren’t you at work right now? And why do you have Hoseok’s car?”
He only answered the last question. “He said I could.” I stared at his tense side profile. Hoseok would never dream of letting anyone behind the wheel of his precious car.
His hands gripped said steering wheel as he kept his eyes on the road. “Jungkook...?” He didn’t say a word. We stopped outside his place. I hadn’t been there in ages but nonetheless got out and followed him.
“You want to know why I’m here and not at work?”, he asked, breaking the tense silence once he had shut the door. It was rhetoric, so I stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.
“I’m here because, I’ve been ‘dismissed’ as that prat so eloquently put it. He fucking got back from his meeting and fired me!”
“What? Why?”, I gasped. No wonder Jungkook was pissed.
“He asked you who you were talking to on the phone, and you told him!”, he yelled in frustration, as if it should have been obvious. I blanched.
“Why the hell would you do that y/n? You know what he’s like! Why would you throw me under the bus? And on top of that he started telling me about how he fucking touched you and you liked it! I was about to punch that son of a bitch!”
“Jeon Jungkook”, I spoke quietly, determined not to let my anger at Jimin be conveyed towards Jungkook. “I’m telling you right now I did no such thing.” I looked him dead in the eye as I explained my version- the real version- of events.
“He came to his meeting early and caught me talking to you. I was alone, because Yoongi was needed to go fix something. He asked me who it was and I said it was a friend asking about my first day of work. As for him touching me...I told him to stop. I wouldn’t do that to you Jungkook.”
Whether it was how visibly upset I was, or the sincerity in my voice, Jungkook’s expression softened. “So, he was lying? But how’d he know about the call?” I shook my head helplessly. I had no idea.
“I’m sorry”, he muttered, closing his eyes tightly. “I shouldn’t have shouted like that.”
“Don’t be sorry Jungkook. You just lost your job.” I stepped up to him and wrapped my arms around him. “And I’m gonna get it back.”
He pulled away gently and peered down at me. “No. You aren’t going near him. He’s manipulative and I know he likes you. Not a good idea. I’ll sort something out.”
I looked up at him. He seemed so stressed, so tired. I didn’t know whether to blame myself for calling him, or to blame Jimin for being so damn jealous. Next thing I knew Jungkook’s lips were latched onto mine. He hungrily kissed me, his hips jutting out to meet mine, and one of his hands resting on my waist. I pulled at his already loose tie,
trying to bring him even closer when his phone rang.
He groaned and reluctantly pulled away. “Hello? Ah Hoseok? Yeah. OK. You go there and I’ll bring it. Give me ten minutes. Huh? Yeah, yeah I’m fine. K, bye.”
He pocketed the device. “He said him and Taehyung would be waiting at the cafe and I need to bring the car there.” I nodded. “Shall I drop you on the way?” The way he asked it made it obvious he wanted me to wait here for him, but I had something important to do, despite wanting to stay.
“No, it’s OK. The walk’ll do me good.” Jungkook eyes me suspiciously, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t exactly a secret that I hated walking to places. After leaving him, and waiting until he was out of sight, I stopped at the bus stop a street away from his place.
I wasn’t going home. I was going to see Park Jimin, CEO. And I was going to get my boyfriends job back.
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B-b-but...gah! Oh come on, Jungkook is a wonderful guy! Why don't you just listen to him?! You already know what will happen if you go! 😭 Just get him a job at Namjoon's...! Aish! 😥 (Dude, I swear I would love a TV drama version of your stories 😂)
@slayyoongi you never fail to amaze me! Im a writer to and i want to quit after reading your stories
This is not going to be good! She can't go there. she'll do something that she'll regret
omo omo omo!!!!😱😱 gurllll nooo!!! dont go!! forget it if you do and jungkook finds out things will get out of hand!!! ANDWAE just go home GO HOME!!!! JUNGKOOK STOP YO GURL BEFORE SHE DOES SOMETHING STUPID!!!
ugh she should listen for once
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