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Hi! So, I am part of the BTOB mod squad, and I am here to do the "Get to Know Me Challenge!" Let's begin!

1) How did I first get into BTOB?

Like most groups....the recommended sidebar on YouTube. lol. (≡^∇^≡)

2) Who's your BTOB bias?

I don't have one! I love all of them equally. :)
Plus, they are all so perfect that how could I?

3) How long have you been on Vingle?

I wanted to find an app to read K-pop news and stuff and I found Vingle! I posted my very first card a little over a year ago, but before that, I was more so a person floating around and just reading other people's
But I'm so glad I decided to post my first card. ~ヾ(^∇^)

4) What's your favorite BTOB song or era?

Although I LOVE BTOB's ballads, I've been wanting BTOB to comeback with something like 'Thriller' REALLY REALLY BADLY.

Like come on... who WOULDN'T want something like this from BTOB again?! (^_^)

5) Who's my Ultimate Bias?


6) Who's my bias group?

I don't have one.. haha. I like to keep everyone as equal as I can.

7) How long have I been a Melody?

I've been into BTOB for about 3 years now and they are one of my top bias groups!

8) Do you have a favorite BTOB member hairstyle?

When Ilhoon's hair was like this. :)

9) Have you posted a card about BTOB before?

YESSSS. lol.

10) 5 random facts about me:

1. I am Vietnamese.
2. I have 4 sisters.
3. I'm not a picky eater except with cheese.
4. I am trying to become a physical therapist.
5. I've been to both KCONs in NY! (2015 and 2016)

And that's all for my get to know about me card! I hope you all enjoyed it. :)

So I love that you're waiting for an upbeat comeback like Thriller too! You know, Peniel said at KCON this year that they are planning to do a more upbeat concept in the future. It's just that they did so well with the ballads and they were so well received that they decided to stick with it for a while. But not to fear, we will get what we are waiting for!
Im waiting for an upbeat comeback too!!! Hahaha i loved this!