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What are your favorite hobbies besides anime? Day 3 ( @hikaymm )
One of my favorite hobbies is driving or racing cars. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a race car driver. xD Sadly you gotta have tons of money to start so I'm going kinda slow about it.
My 2nd most favorite hobby is shooting rifles. I was always fascinated with long range rifles and I just love shooting them.
My 3rd and last favorite hobby is playing video games. I've been into games for a long time. My first game system was a gameboy advance. xD Thanks for reading!
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@MimmiBumble01 Legal of course xD
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Lol just saying cause I imagined myself, "You being all fast and furious" 馃槀馃槄馃槑馃槑
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@MimmiBumble01 aha i will never street race.........again.....馃槀馃槀
a year agoReply
Lol ok.... just saying 馃槀馃槑
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@MimmiBumble01 Whatever you say 馃槀馃殫
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