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I like the team of Laxus and Gildarts! They seem like old veteran drinking buddies who like to talk crap back and forth to eachother. They would be the strongest team without a doubt! Even though they only had a brief time being on screen together they could still be a solo team if that makes any sense!
I also like this one, Mavis and Zera! Even though Zera is well you know, not really there, and what not I still really liked their friendship they had!
I cant forget the two most badass chicks in all of Fairy Tail, Erza and Mirajane! I wouldn't mind being ripped apart as long as it was by these two beauty's!
The most adorable and kawaii girls in all of Fairy Tail too Wendy and Cheria! They both make me giggle and are both masters of the wind! Be careful not to piss them off, they just may bring a Typhoon in to wreck your town with a cute smile to boot!
Well that does it for Tuesdays card that I made on a Wednesday! Off to the next one! @hikaymm @OtakuDemon10
Yup, I think you're missing one crucial component. How can this list be complete without Gray and Natsu!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
@JasonLSR Lol the only reason I didn't put them on here is cause I like Gray and Juvia as a team and Natsu and Erza too more than Natsu and Gray.