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Pairing: Bang Yongguk/Stef Genre: Smut ~This is basically smutty smut to cheer up my great-granny @StefaniTre <3 (Btw wrote this in a hour so I apologize if its trash.)
Stef can already feel the butterflies in her stomach, fluttering about nervously at the thought of Bang Yongguk. She slaps her cheeks lightly before her brain daydream about the deep voice rapper. This does not help with the blush that is blossoming in her cheeks but there's not much you can do about that . Except maybe stop thinking about Yongguk and his dark black hair and his endearing, ever-present smirk. Stef can't help the soft sigh that escapes her. The beeping of her cellphone quickly stops her again from coming up with another daydream. It signals that her shift has ended and she can go home. She flutters about the store, cleaning quickly, before signing out, changing out of her work uniform and into her casual shirt and skirt. Stef takes in a deep-breath before pushing the door open and exiting the shop. Time to see him. She grabs on securely to the basket of bread, that he loved, before running off. Stef slows her pace even more when she catches sight of Yongguk's house. When she is right under his window, she thinks about yelling up to him but she doesn't think he'll like that very much since it's kind of late. She heads to the door and knocks lightly. No answer. She presses the door bell. Still no answer. Maybe he hadn't heard her. Stef continued to press the doorbell rapidly her mind wandering off again in another daydream. Finally, Yongguk opens the door. His face could only be described as annoyed. "Stop ringing that damn doorbell so much! I swear to god if this is another prank I'm gonna—! Oh, Stef." She'd taken a step back. She doesn't like yelling but it's understandable that Yongguk is yelling at her. She'd gotten lost in another daydream. "My bad, Stef. I just thought it was one of those annoying fans that's always running around the neighborhood." "Nope. Just me. I'm sorry." "Nah, don't worry about it. Uh, anyway—" "I brought the bread!" She says, more loud than she means to. Yongguk looks startled before the corner of his lip tugs upward, in that smile of his that seem like it could light up the whole world. It's gone just as quick as it appears though. "Come in, Stef." He waits until she's inside to close the door. Stef thanks him and bows politely before slipping out of her shoes. "Um, where should I put the bread, Yonggukie?" "In the kitchen. Here, I'll take it if you want." "Oh no, I can put in the kitchen!" She nods determinedly before heading off to place the basket of bread in his kitchen. Yongguk smirks as he walks with her. Then they walk back to his living room. Empty-handed, Stef's hands fidget nervously as she picks at imaginary lint on her skirt and shirt, until Yongguk brushes his hand down her arm. She feels her face explode with heat. His hand lingers on hers, his fingers brushing against the back of her hand before he pulls away. "That manga I borrowed from you, I finished it. It's up in my room." Stef nods. Yongguk's hand brushes against hers as he heads up stairs to his room. She follows wordlessly. He digs around his closet for a while before he finds it. He hands it to her and his fingers don't brush against hers this time. A twinge of disappointment hits her. She pushes it away quickly and easily. She cradles the book against her chest. At least now there's something in her hands to make her forget her nervousness but only a little; she still stumbles on her words when she finally speaks. "Did you like it, Yonggukie?" "It was good." Yongguk is so close now. Stef can feel the warmth of his breath, it smells like mint and chocolate. She blushes fiercely but doesn't pull back when he cups her cheeks, tilting her face up before he leans down and kisses her. Her hold on the manga tightens and her eyes flutter shut. Kissing Yongguk is like nothing you've ever experienced. It's always nice and it makes her heart beat unsteadily. It makes her legs shake and her lungs struggle to find air. She takes in little hiccuping gasps of air when he pulls away. This always happens too. The laugh Yongguk lets out is soft and breathy. Stef pouts."That's mean, Yonggukie. It's not funny." "Sorry." He doesn't look very sorry though, and he doesn't act very sorry either. He kisses her again though and Stef forgets about everything. This time Stef is more prepared for the kiss. Yongguk nips at her bottom lip and she parts her lips slightly to let his tongue slide in. His hands stroke the skin of her cheeks. His hands are warm and soft. Stef presses her tongue against his. The kiss deepens and the movement of Yongguk's mouth on hers fills with fervor. He sighs against her mouth before he pulls away. He kisses her neck next. His teeth scrape against her skin which makes Stef stand on the tip of her toes. "I want you." he says in that deep voice that makes Stef shiver. He wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her close. Her arms and hands, still clutching the manga, are in the way of them being able to be closer. Yongguk knows it too. He steps away from her. He grabs the manga and tosses it aside. Yongguk's arms are strong around her and Stef hugs him in return, her hands running over the muscles of his back and shoulder. He walks her to his bed and sits down, pulling her down with him. Her face must be extremely blushed by now. Yongguk notices her face and how quiet she's gotten. His scowl deepens. "Something wrong?" Stef shakes her head, "Oh no, everything's's just, you don't usually let anyone sit on your bed!" Yongguk feels his lips start to form a smile. He can't help it. It's involuntary whenever Stef is around. "Yeah, I guess that's true. But you're not just anyone, you're my baby." He likes the way her face gets even brighter. He pushes her on to his bed, on her back, pinning her arms above her. She wriggles. Yongguk has honestly doubted her face could fill with more color but it does as he releases her arms and begins to unbutton her shirt. He leans in to kiss the swell of her breasts. "Y-Yongguk..." Her voice is weak and her limbs twitch restlessly. "You always act like it's the first time," Yongguk mutters, smirking against her skin. Stef wonders when the blood will stop rushing to her face. Everything is making her feel so flushed and nervous. She pouts. "Yah! Whose fault is that? Always making me so light-headed that I forget what I should be doing..." Yongguk finishes unbuttoning her shirt and lets his hands squeeze the soft flesh of her breasts. "I think you're just full of excuses, Stef." She doesn't say anything to that. The bra she is wearing has the clasp in the front and he undoes it quickly with deft fingers. He cups her breasts, enjoying the way she arches into his touch. When he brushes his thumbs against her nipples, she moans softly. They harden to points underneath his touch. He leans down to kiss them gently. There are remnants of bite marks on her chest from a few days ago that are quickly disappearing. It's not the only place they are located though. Stef has them on the inside of her thighs and on her waist and hips. She has them on her collar-bone too. Her shoulders and her back. They are scattered throughout her skin. She doesn't fully understand why Yongguk likes to leave them so much, only just that his eyes take on a darker shade of brown and he brushes and kisses them so gently afterward. Maybe she should be more worried but it's not like she completely innocent since she leaves her own marks on him, scratches down his back and the imprint of her nails on his shoulders and chest; also bruises on his arms from when her grip is too tight. And both of them always make sure to only leave them where no one else can see them. Stef runs her hands through his hair. It's soft and it smells good. Yongguk kisses his way down her body. His hand is in between her thighs, touching her through the fabric of her underwear. She's wet and almost soaking through. It never takes long for Yongguk to get her like this. The cloth of her panties feels rough against her but it feels good too. Stef is already shivering when he pushes her panties aside to touch her. His fingers glide easily over her folds and into her. She's soft and tight around two fingers. She bucks her hips up into his his hand and whimpers softly. He finds and brushes his thumb against clit. Her eyes glaze over, losing focus, and fluttering. He flips her skirt up. Yongguk only hesitates for a second, looking up at Stef, before he leans down in between her thighs. The only reason he hesitates is because last time he tried this, Stef had come so hard she'd passed out for a few minutes. Stef covers her mouth with her hands to keep quiet when Yongguk's tongue slides along her folds. Last time he'd done this it had felt really good but after what happened she hadn't been sure he'd do it again. She almost cries with happiness that he is. She rolls her hips up when he presses his tongue all the way against her. Yongguk pins them down with an arm. She moves a hand away from her mouth and into Yongguk's hair. Her hands are a little shaky as they brush through his hair. She grips on tightly when he brushes his tongue against her clit. Her hand slips away from her mouth and she doesn't bother holding back the soft noises she is making. Yongguk wishes she'd say his name, breathless, and through her short little gasps. She comes close. "Yong-...ahhh" So damn close. Yongguk wonders what else he can do to make her say it but just sighs and moves his fingers in and out of her as his tongue circles her clit gently. And then when his tongue replaces his fingers, he gets what he wants in the form of a half-scream which is loud but not unpleasant. He's just glad no one is around to hear it. "Yongguk!" Stef's thighs tighten around his head and her hips buck up despite the arm he's using to pin them down. As soon as the rapper sits up, Stef follows. She pulls up on his shirt, tugging it over his head. Yongguk takes it, wipes his mouth and hands off on it, and then tosses it aside. Next to come off are his pants. Yongguk has wondered briefly before if Stef has super speed because she undoes his belt, button and zipper like she's competing for a world record. He doesn't think on it much though since there are better things to think about, like how nice it would feel to have Stef touching him. Stef throws her arms around Yongguk's neck and pulls him down for a kiss. Yongguk falls forward but catches himself on his hands. She presses against him. She still has her clothes on. Her shirt is open and her bra as well, hanging off her shoulders. Her skirt is askew. Yongguk puts distance between them to finish taking off her clothes and his pants and underwear. Stef keeps touching him and it's nice but also distracting. He is distracted by the way her hands move lightly over his chest and abdomen and arms. Yongguk manages as best as he can though and soon they're both naked. Yongguk slides a hand under her knee and presses her leg up a little. He rests his head on her shoulder as she grabs his erection in hand and aligns it to her opening. He pants against her skin as he pushes himself inside her. She's warm, tight, and so wet he slides into her easily. She digs her nails into his shoulder blades as he pushes inside her. Her back arches and she sighs when he's inside her fully. Stef wants Yongguk to move but he stays still and she doesn't say anything. She wriggles her hips. It makes him groan. "Wait." he hisses, jaw clenching. She wriggles her hips again and Yongguk decides that if Stef is so impatient there's a better way to do this. "Do you wanna be on top?" He has no idea why that of all things makes her blush and act so shy but it does and he shrugs. She keeps still after that. Yongguk lets himself adjust to the feel of having her so tightly clenched around him so he doesn't come embarrassingly quick. He lets go of her leg and she wraps both of them around his waist, and hold him close. He puts his hands on either side of her face for leverage. Yongguk pulls out of her slowly before pushing back in again. It doesn't take long to get a rhythm going. Stef holds on to his arms as Yongguk thrusts into her. He turns his face to the side, nose presses against her throat, breathing in the smell of her. Stef's normal is mixed in with sweat and he likes it. He bites down on her pulse point, sucking at her skin until it's red enough to leave a mark. She says his name and Yongguk lifts his head to look at her. She raises her head to kiss him and he leans down to meet her lips. "Yongguk..." Stef pants against his mouth. He's close, so close to coming. He feels the clenching of his abdomen as he continues to thrust even harder. "Stef..." "Please, Yonggukie." Yongguk pulls out when he comes and bites down on Stef's shoulder. She drags her nails down his back and let's her legs fall to the side with a soft moan. His arms feel weak and shaky so he sits up before the weight of his body can fall on her. He stumbles when he gets up to retrieve his shirt from the floor; still disoriented from his recent orgasm. Stef is still spread out on his bed, breathing softly. She moves to get up but Yongguk pushes her down. There is a blush on his cheeks as he quietly wipes the evidence of his climax with his shirt from her stomach. His hands are gentle and they tickle but she tries her best to not to move. When he finishes he lays down next to her. Stef scoots closer and when she sees that subtle smile of his and then he wraps his arm around her, she hugs him. "I'll walk you home...later." His voice sounds sleepy. Stef nods, closing her eyes and nestling close to him. Yongguk's fingers brush through her hair mindlessly and she shudders. "I love you, Yongukkie." His hand tangles in hair, tilting her head back, as he kisses her. He rests his forehead against hers. His eyes soft and warm and- (Yongguk has come close to saying it many times bu he hasn't said it yet but oh, will he say it? Will he not say it? She hopes he does but if he doesn't then she doesn't mind) "I love you too, Stef." This is not a dream. This is not a daydream. This is real and Stef is so happy; the happiest. Her heart buzzes happily like a bee who has smelled the greatest flower in existence. She feels someone lightly poke her cheek and she opens her eyes. "Hey, don't fall sleep all of a sudden." Stef looks at Yongguk giving him a smile. "Sorry I was just...daydreaming."

Hope you enjoyed!!

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I died and omg I loved this!