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I'd say listening to music is at the top of everything XD I'm constantly listening to music even as I am writing this card lmao Pandora is my go to and I'm like I said I always have it playing non stop even when I'm doing other my other hobbies. Playing with my pets- I have 3 cats and 1 dog so I always have them to keep me company whether they want to play or not ;) (dog is always up to play thou) Watching tv- mostly crime shows on Investigation Discovery! I like the thrill of watching crimes being solved and seeing the evidence and trying to figure it out before they tell us. Making smoothies and other healthy drinks/foods- I recently got into drinking smoothies so I make a lot of those as well as water fusions (fruits and chia seeds) I'll also look at some recipes and if it's not tht much work and easy then I'll make it....don't get me wrong thou I love food so I eat burgers and tons of Indian food (since I am Indian and my mom makes a ton of it) so it's not only healthy (but I make the healthy stuff) XD @hikaymm