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I loved the piano since I was like 5 never went to a school or something like that so now I am teaching myself to play piano. An instrument that touches the hearts of many. I play because I want to create something that inspires others to make creations of their own.(and maybe free them from the path of the ignorant and weak) it's not really a passion but I have people I want to play for that I want to show my feelings though the art of music. I don't wanna go pro but I will keep playing until it reaches them, until they can heart the echo of the sound inside my empty tiny dark ice-made heart. But I still consider this a hobby.
I also write when I have time expressing myself through a story is so beautiful to me the idea of creating new worlds no one else can think of is genius! I want to create something special as well. I write stories and show them to my close friends for new ideas. Again, maybe this won't be just a hobby in the future.
Drawing and painting is one of my hobbies too. Since I was 3 I began to draw and paint the magic of speaking without words has no meaning to it, awesome doesn't compare. AGAIN, a hobby for now.
I LOVE TO READ ALL TYPES OF BOOKS!! (specially manga but that is obvious) I like to get hooked by a book and get sucked to their world. It's just wonderful. I lick people's ears when I'm bored⊙_⊙ NAHH I'm just messing with you ha ha ha (or am I? °Д°) Does sleeping count too? I do that alot! ( ̄▽ ̄*) Anyways......... Thank you for reading!!! @hikaymm
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