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intro day 2 and 3

number 2 was late due to me taking a lot of time to think of characters sorry cos I don't have or know many characters that I'm like here goes
ken kaneki from Tokyo ghoul , cos of my love for books and we both had lonely childhood at school but I have my parents still thank God like him I started to open up but took time, plus like him iv been tricked multiple times. thank Good by normal humans. I'm also kind like him but can have a cruel side. plus I dress like him.
I'm a bit like naruto I do things without a second thought most of the time and stubborn like him and stupid.
I'm like jiraiya cos I'm a perv
day 3 My hobbies beside watching anime and reading manga and spending time on vingle. is the common drawing, my pictures are quite strange, cleaning and listening to music like anyone else and being a average dude. and talking to my online friends thx for reading
Lol that's way too honest about u in the last pic. Lol At least our not ashamed of it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
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