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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome beautiful people, today is Wednesday and the first day for my Donghyuk!! ♡ Where are all my Donghunky fans at? Let's get to know this beautiful man.


•Birth Name: Kim Dong Hyuk (김 동혁) •Stage Name: Donghyuk •DOB: 3 January 1997 (ㅠ.ㅠ) •Position: on top of me •Height: 175cm [taller than me] ^_^ •Blood Type: O [I'll be saying that too *winkeu]
Yas......eye candy ♡♡♡♡♡♡
asichwhicantdealjcishajgciwh Body rolling deeper...... into my hearteu.
Other facts: -Sadly he lost his father when he was 8 years old. -However, he's a smart cookie, so smart that his members once questioned his aspiration to be a singer instead of a medical profession. -Has mastered the art of playing instruments like: -->guitar -->piano -->drums -->Traditional Native Korean instruments -He's so good at dancing that B.I. trusts him when they perform any moves on stage -The CEO children are his biggest fans

Did You Know:

-Known as the Best English accent in the group (♡♡) -Also known as the mood maker along with Bobby -Ideal type: Me JK..his ideal type is a girl who smiles and laughs a lot. Some who also has aegyo and a similar background to his.....still me though. -He won the JYP audition, was accepted into SM, however, decided to go with YG. -The last member to join Team B. -Becomes happy when he sees other members happy -Known to attract the women with his gentle voice (me again)
That wraps up the first Wednesday of Donghyuk What should I call his days? Wednesday Dongie? We'd Dongie? lol <--what? Anyways hope you enjoyed it. (thanks to emma for that amazing gif)
😂😂😂 when is the wedding?
@Junhwanbae92 still have 3 more years wahhhh