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Nakama Intro Week! (day 3)
Heyooo once again~ Today I will share with you other hobbies I have.
Swimming~ I mean, in the summer time ya know? Simply to relax or swim wildly and competitively with my friends and family XD (I usually win Cv: @CandyApple22)
Shopping~ For new graphic tees (or just find a new style ~w~) and items to show off my passion for anime~ (especially my precious buttons)
Typing song parodies for my friends/ @CandyApple22 to enjoy XD and listen to music while doing so~
That's all for today~ Hope you have been following along~ (≧∇≦)/
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yahohohohoho nakama that's awesome I don't swim I float yahohohohoho
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OH WHATEVEEERRR! Dont nobody be tryna beat you anyway! <~< And yes, your parodies are great xD
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