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Day 4: My Bias Ok here we go...

My very first bias in this group was BI. He's younger but he has great leadership skills. I love his smile too

My next bias was Jinhwan. He's tiny but I'd wear flats the rest of my life if I had to! I love my fairy

Next up is Donghyuk. He's currently in the #1 spot on my list. When I first got into iKon I wasn't interested in him AT ALL but now he's the one that grabs my attention most of the time #SENT

The newest addition to my list is Bobby. He's been creeping his way up for a while now but I just got the "okay" to add him (thanks Stace). He's already pretty close to the top of the list #SENT


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@PrettieeEmm they're the best right next to #TAT 😍
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