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Shrimp here for Throw-Down Thursday! Today we're making up battles and seeing who we think would win!

Natsu vs Gray

Okay, so I couldn't come up with much for today, but I don't think we've actually ever seen Natsu and Gray officially face off against each other (not sure if I'd count the whole dragonoid incident... I think that's as close as we've gotten, but Natsu was at a disadvantage because he didn't know wth was going on!), at least as far as I've gotten (beginning of Tartaros). I know new information about both of these boys will come to light that I don't know about yet, so I think it could really be anyone's battle! I'd like to see who'd come out on top, once and for all!

So who would win?

Like I said, this could be anyone's battle! There are still gaps in my knowledge base, plus the conditions of the battle always affect the outcome! I'm inclined to go with Natsu because MC status and all makes him super OP, but Gray is pretty strong himself, and clever, a major leg up on Natsu, who's rather dim in comparison. I could really see this going either way, but, in the end, only one can wind up on top, and I gotta go with my gut, and my gut says..... *grunts with mental exertion*..... *DRUMROLL*...

Erza Scarlet!

JKJK! Couldn't resist! But seriously...


Okay, I may be a little biased since Gray has been one of my favorite characters since before I even started Fairy Tail, but in the end, I think his smarts would outmaneuver whatever Natsu threw at him. Plus, he can use his ice to incapacitate him in ways that Natsu can't. (Am I trying to skirt potential spoilers and stuff? You bet, but based on what I can't avoid, I think whatever I have yet to learn will only strengthen this result)

So who do you think would win?

I want to know how you guys think this might play out! Who do you think would come out on top and why? (I may have to set this card aside and read your comments when I catch up!)

What's your dream thow-down?

Don't forget to share your own match-up!
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@TaehyungV fair enough!
@OtakuDemon10 Um....I just think Natsu would win because you know he pretty much wins every fight...But I feel like Gray would be one of his hardest fights if they both got actually serious. So it's a close call, but I think Natsu would win.
@KageTsuki040910 you can say that again!
The possibilities are endless with those two @OtakuDemon10
@KageTsuki040910 I did my best to draw a conclusion through reasoning, but, like I said, it was kind of a gut decisionšŸ˜… I think Natsu could easily win under the right circumstances, but I think the same could be said for Gray!
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