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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 8 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Junmyeon's POV He had to get up early so he could go to work. She was sleeping so peacefully he couldn't bring himself to wake her up to say goodbye. Her hand was to her stomach and he smiled; he was excited and couldn't wait to play with the baby. He put it in his phone that he had to pick her up tomorrow to take her to her appointment. He left her a note and kissed her forehead gently, she moved slightly but she was still asleep and he sighed. He headed to the house to get changed and take a shower, when he came down the steps he saw Kyungsoo. He looked like he hadn't slept properly; he had a sort of evil resting face. He looked up at him angry, "How could you?" he said lowly. "I always liked her Soo I kept telling you two that you were taking my teasing the wrong way. Besides you wanted me to be nice and I was very nice to her." Junmyeon said. "She was my best friend before you ever gave a damn about her. You keep taking people that are precious to me and keep throwing it back in my face. I mean so little to you." "Hwasa was a whore and you know it you only pretended to be blind. You're my kid brother Kyungsoo unlike the rest of my family I actually give a damn about you. If you don't want to believe that it's your problem." "It doesn't matter Y/N and you shouldn't be together. You'll break her heart, you two were only meant to be friends." he said upset. "Why don't you stop kidding yourself huh little bro? You're only this upset because I'm the one she's seeing, the ones she's been fucking. Do you remember when I asked you if you loved her and you said no you weren't in love with her but you did love her. You were lying weren't you? You love her." "She's been my best friend for years." "You say you're her best friend yet you take advantage of the power over her and make her break up with me. Best friends don't do that, they don't hurt the ones they claim to love and protect. You're just being selfish." "Don't I deserve that right? After everything I've put up with between you and her and mom. I've done so much for all three of you why shouldn't be selfish?" "We never forced you to submit to our will. You gave in easily to her. You let mom control your life, she made it easy for me. She hated me for looking like my father; she blamed me for something genetics did. So I could tell her to go fuck herself without a second thought, unlike you. I told you even when you were a kid to stop being the golden child, you don't have to do everything she says she's not always right. You're probably only against this because she was basically trying to set you up with Y/N. Even you had to know she had the intention of setting you two up to get married." That was true and even Kyungsoo knew it. His entire life had been dictated by his mother. He learned how to treat women by his mother, he learned how he should behave in front of women. He was taught to take care of Y/N, to look out for her, to make sure she was happy and healthy. Had he shared his feelings for Y/N earlier they probably would've been together by now. Even if she didn't love him back, Y/N was conditioned to the same things as Kyungsoo was. She would've believed that that's the way things were meant to be, it was why she clung onto him and obeyed every word. Y/N was just slightly more resistant to his mother's effects though, she still behaved the way their mother wanted her to in front of her just to make her happy. He was starting to understand more about what Kyungsoo meant when he said she didn't want to be a burden. "You have a girlfriend anyway so leave us alone." Junmyeon said walking down the rest of the steps and headed for the door. "As long as it isn't you it's fine. It just can't be you." "And why can't it be me?" Junmyeon said. When he didn't get a quick response, Junmyeon turned around to see Kyungsoo with balled up fists. There was some resentment he had towards him he didn't know what it was though. Kyungsoo looked up but didn't turn to Junmyeon. He muttered as he walked up the stairs, "It just can't." Junmyeon sighed, he told him countless times that him and Hwasa didn't start seeing each other until after they broke up but he believed her over him. It was the only time Kyungsoo ever really dismissed Junmyeon up until this point. He headed to work thinking about Y/N the entire time. He wanted to call but he wasn't sure if she was still asleep or not and he didn't want to wake her. She had told him she loved him and that was the highlight of his evening and the happiest he'd ever been. She took his emotions on a roller coaster ride yesterday because he really thought he'd lost her. He really thought Kyungsoo had convinced her to leave him and technically he had until he clarified everything. Knowing it was Hwasa that got pregnant is probably what convinced her, she was an asshole to Y/N and even she knew that she was a pathological liar. He still hated her for not telling him she was getting the abortion. He very much understood it was her body she could do whatever she wanted with it but she had completely dismissed that that child was part of him too. He didn't get to hold it, feel it kick, feed it or hear it cry and that had drove him over the edge. Losing something, a piece of him he didn't even have yet. It was exactly what she wanted to do to him. She hurt him so much just by doing that, he couldn't lose another child. He was at work for at least three hours before a secretary called up to his desk, "Yes, Mr. Kim there's a man down here that says he has urgent business with you." "Really? I'll be down in a second." He was surprised anyone had come to see him for urgent business. He got downstairs seeing the last person he ever expected to walk through the doors to his job, "Dad?" Y/N POV You woke up to an empty bed, Junmyeon would normally stay with you when you two slept together. He liked staying in the same bed over night if he could. He must've gone back home and it was confirmed when you saw his note: Good morning baby girl, I had to go home and get ready for work. I didn't want to interrupt your sleep. Take it easy today and call me when you can. I love you, Junnie. You laughed that he signed it with his nickname and placed it on the dresser again. You looked at the time, you had to get up for work yourself and went to take a shower. You headed out once you were all dressed and your teeth were brushed and your face was washed. You headed down the street passing by Kyungsoo's place. You couldn't help but think about how he'd react when he found out you were pregnant. It was becoming a pain in the ass and you were stressing beyond belief. You continued on your way to work and saw Tao passing by. He waved as he walked over to you. "Hey Tao." you greeted. "Headed to work?" he asked. You nodded and he walked along side you. You didn't object, he probably wasn't going to leave your side anyway. "So did he make you leave him?" he asked. "What are you talking about Tao?" "Kyungsoo, he texted me yesterday and told me I was right about you and Junmyeon." You stopped in your tracks and looked up at him. "Tao what the hell did you do?" you said alarmed. "I only asked him if he thought you two were dating. That hug you guys shared seemed a little too friendly. He was just glad you two were being nice to each other but I figured there was a bigger reason why." "So you're the reason he came to look for me in the first place. Tao! Do you have any idea what you've done? You've practically ruined my relationship with Kyungsoo why would you do that?" "Its not like Junmyeon would've stayed faithful to you anyway, even you know that right? You've called him a fuck boy before. Besides he was the reason I couldn't get you back I had to do something." "So you told on me? Tao you had me before and apparently I wasn't good enough for you, you lost your shot." you said furious. "It was a mistake Y/N I recognized that but we were together for a year I couldn't just walk away from that." he said. You looked like you were about ready to strangle him. You walked away but he grabbed your arm to pull you back. He held you firmly in place so he could look into your eyes. "You hate me now don't you?" "I haven't decided yet but I'm definitely furious. You have no idea what you've done Tao." "Give me a hint." "Let go of me I have to get to work." "Y/N." he said trying to get you to listen. "No, if you wanted me you would've still had me but you didn't and you left. You can not just go around sabotaging my relationship because you've all of sudden decided that you fucked up. Your meddling may have cost me my friendship, you played with fire Tao. Now we're all getting burned." You freed yourself from his grip, you hesitated at the sight of regret in his eyes. You couldn't be bothered with him though not right now. You turned around and headed into the bakery. Things couldn't get worse today could they? Junmyeon's POV Junmyeon escorted his father out of the building, he didn't want him coming into his office. He didn't even want him to be in his place of work. He had no idea why he even showed up after twenty years missed in his life. He hated that he looked just like him, there was no denying that he was his kid. Junmyeon was starting to understand why his mother was so harsh towards him despite the fact that he had done nothing wrong. His father lead him to a cafe near by and they both ordered coffee. It was written all over Junmyeon's face that he really didn't want to see him. "Why are you here dad?" he asked annoyed. "I have someone I want you to meet." he finally spoke. He raised his hand to wave someone over and two girls walked over from inside of the shop. He saw one pretty girl, she had long brown hair and was kind of short. She had a soft white skirt on and a sweater like top. She looked nervous and had her head down. The girl standing next to her was what irritated him, of all people how and why was she here. "What the Fuck are you doing here?" Junmyeon said. "Junmyeon calm down." his father said. The girl he didn't know yet flinched at the harsh words thinking that she was speaking to him. "He wasn't talking to her Mr. Kim he was talking to me." "Hwasa do you and Junmyeon know each other?" his father asked. She nodded as she held onto the girl next to her. "What is this?" Junmyeon asked annoyed. "This is your younger sister Yoona. She wanted to come meet you and Hwasa is her friend she came as support." Junmyeon stared at the nervous Yoona as she waved at him shyly. His face was hard which only seemed to make her even more nervous. Junmyeon sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. This enter situation was wacky, how did Hwasa even know his sister? She probably knew she'd see him again and her face just made him want to punch something. "Nice too meet you Yoona. I'm sure my girlfriend would like you." he said. He noticed that Hwasa looked a bit unsettled by the word girlfriend. Yoona sort of blushed when he said that his girlfriend would like her. They both were still standing up and Junmyeon leaned over and said, "Why don't you sit down and tell me why you're so interested in meeting me?" Yoona looked at their father rubbing her hands shyly. She sat down with Hwasa, she was sitting next to Junmyeon which immediately annoyed him and he tried to hold it in. "I know we don't know each other but I was wondering- maybe you wouldn't mind h-helping me get an interview at your company." she said biting her lip and looking away. His eyebrows raised and he looked at their father. "So that was your angle? To get her a job?" he said "It wasn't his idea!" she spoke up fast and loud trying to clean up the misunderstanding. Junmyeon leaned back in his seat, "That's a bold request Yoona, if you're this nervous meeting me how do you think you'll fair in an interview at my company? I probably only got in because of my charm even though now the company claims I'm the best they have. Sticking my neck out for you is a huge thing to ask of me." "Give her a break Junmyeon." Hwasa said. "You shouldn't speak right now, you're still in very dangerous territory. It's taking everything I have not to hurt you." His threatening manner shut her up quick. He turned back to Yoona who was frankly shocked by his behavior. Junmyeon smiled at her sweetly, "I've learned at a very young age that blood doesn't mean a thing Yoona, however my kid brother seems to be just as influenced by the idea that blood should stick together even if they do wrong." "Junmyeon." his father said softly. It was almost like he was begging for him not to say anything rude to her. That angered him but he didn't take it out on her, he only chuckled. "Our dear father left my mother for another woman, I'm assuming that was your mother. You're very pretty, you must look just like her which is why he seems so protective of you. He didn't care much about me even if we look alike, or acted alike.." She looked embarrassed as if she were internally wondering why she came up with the idea to meet him but she looked desperate. "Don't worry Yoona I don't blame you but two people sitting at this table have put me in a particular bad mood. So to move this along I'll tell you this, you can send me your paper work and I'll pass it along, I'll stick my neck out for you. I'll even go as far as to coach you through an interview on one condition." "What's that?" she said looming up hopeful. "You're never to bring these two people around me again." he said. His eyes darkened and the very seriousness of his nature made her uncomfortable again. She looked away from him, her cheeks bright red. "Just so we're clear that means if you get the job they can't come into the building; they can't even wait outside the doors for you. I don't want to see them at all." "Isn't that going a bit far Junmyeon?" Hwasa said. "Not right now Satan." he said holding up a finger to her to shut her up. "What do you say?" he said directing his attention to his little sister. She nodded and he smiled, "Good, here's my email you can send me everything you have. " he said writing out his work email address on a napkin and handing it to her. He looked to his father, "Figures you'd only show up after twenty years just for a favor." he said. Junmyeon stood up. "Junmyeon, if it helps any, I regret neglecting you as a child." "It doesn't, but I can take comfort in the fact that no matter how terrible I act towards others I'll still be a better man and a better father than you." With that he walked away, he was irritated that after so long he only came to present his beloved daughter so he could gain a favor. He had a protective and gentle nature towards her. He loved her and it was in his face but he had walked out on him and never looked back. His half assed apology made his blood boil and seeing Hwasa set him on edge. He didn't reveal that he was with Y/N or that she was pregnant, he could only imagine the remarks coming out of her mouth once she found out and he wasn't too sure he could control himself. When he got to the office he called Y/N up. "Hello?" she said. "Hey baby girl," he cooed. She sounded annoyed herself, "Hi." she answered short. "Sounds like you're having as bad a day as I am." "Yeah, I'm heading home right now." "From where?" he questioned. "From work, I started having stomach pains I don't know what's going on." "Stomach pains? Like nausea?" he asked getting worried. "No, um don't worry about it, are you okay though?" "Uh yeah but don't worry about me go home and get some rest I'll stop by to see you later." "Junmyeon." she called. She must've stopped walking because he couldn't hear a shuffle on her phone anymore. "Yeah?" "I'm scared." "Everything will be fine baby girl. You have your doctors appointment tomorrow-" "Not that.... I don't want to lose Kyungsoo." Junmyeon sighed, he knew that. Kyungsoo was all she knew and Junmyeon and her were still getting to know each other. No one knew her better than Kyungsoo. There was a long silence over the phone before he spoke up, "I know baby girl we'll figure something out. Don't worry about it right now, just go home and rest." "Ok." "Y/N...I love you." "I love you too." she said. They both hung up and Junmyeon plopped back down at his desk. He was getting a little worried now, was everything that was going on with Kyungsoo causing her trouble with her pregnancy? He didn't like the sound in her voice, she was really shaken. He could slightly understand, he was her best friend for nearly her entire life and losing someone that important was probably breaking her apart. How was he supposed to get Kyungsoo to look at the bigger picture? Y/N POV You didn't mean to sound upset when he called you up but you couldn't get over what Tao had done. On top of that you kept feeling a strange pain through your stomach. Like your muscles were tightening by themselves in odd painful spasms, you had a bit of a headache too. The more you worried the more you felt it. Eventually, your manager saw your discomfort and told you to go home and rest. You tried to tell her that you were fine but she sent you out anyway. Getting some rest would probably be good for you anyway. You hadn't heard a word from Kyungsoo even though he said he'd see you. You were really nervous that Kyungsoo would walk out of your life and it was driving you to tears. You held them in even as your heart raced. You had dreamt about you two playing at the playground when you were kids and the sweet memories gave you some relief but now everything hurt. You finally got home and changed into your sweatpants and sat on the couch to eat popcorn and watch TV. You tried to keep your mind off of the situation but Kyungsoo's angry face from yesterday kept coming to your mind. Hours passed by with you walking around, pacing the floor and then sitting down to eat. You were eating junk food left in your cabinets your appetite much bigger than the past two days, everything reminded you of Kyungsoo. If he knew you weren't feeling well he'd come by and make you some food, he'd watch movies with you and sing to you. His voice was magnificent he hit some beautiful high notes that gave you goose bumps all over. Junmyeon called you again to see how you were feeling and he sounded relieved to hear that you were feeling a bit better. You smiled thinking he was raking his hand through his hair just as stressed out as you were. He told you about him meeting his younger sister for the first time today and figured it'd be nice for you to meet her. He apparently liked her and felt bad for giving her a bit of a hard time; he didn't sound too pleased when he talked about his father. It made you happy that he was talking to you so openly and it got your mind off Kyungsoo. He told you he was going to head over to your place once he finished up something else but he wouldn't elaborate on what it was. After you two hung up, there was a knock on the door and you called out to whoever it was, "Who is it?" "Kyungsoo." You hesitated, you were already getting nervous. You went ahead and opened the door and backed up as he walked in. He looked serious already but he wasn't making eye contact and he was silent again. "Kyungsoo what's up?" "Will you tell me the truth Y/N?" he said lowly. "Sure." "Are you pregnant?" Your breath hitched as you wondered who said something, Junmyeon wouldn't say anything and it's not like Tao would know. As if he was reading your mind he explained, "You were holding your stomach the other day and when you heard Junmyeon got another girl pregnant you looked devastated. Especially when I said she had an abortion." "Kyungsoo I don't really have the energy to go through another fight today." "It won't be a fight if you answer the question. It's true isn't, you're appetite has decreased and you've been acting different." You sighed sensing his anger rising, "Yes. I'm pregnant." you said. "Why would you let him touch you? I still don't understand." You tried to walk around him but he grabbed you and pushed you lightly against the wall. "Why him?" You could now detect the faint scent of alcohol on his breath. He was slightly drunk just and edge above tipsy. "Why does it matter you were never this disapproving of Tao. The only time you chewed him out was when he broke up with me." "Because you were never meant to be with him, I knew eventually you would see that. Junmyeon is not good enough for you why don't you see that?" "You're saying this because he's your brother. You're that uncomfortable?" "I turned a blind eye and I pretended to be happy for you when you were with someone else but it's like a slap in the face for you to be seeing him and for you to have his baby. You can't do it Y/N, don't." He laid his forehead against your shoulder. "What you're asking me to do is impossible." He punched the wall by your head making you wince a little. Your headache was coming back, "Okay Kyungsoo that's enough." you said trying to push him up off of you. "You don't belong with him, this baby will keep you two together You'll regret it." "Kyungsoo enough. Think about what you're saying, you were upset that Junmyeon got Hwasa pregnant then supposedly asked her to get rid of the baby but here you are asking me to do the same thing you accused him of." "That's because it's you, he should've never touched you much less got you pregnant. You two aren't married, at any point he could just walk out of your life like-" He stopped himself realizing what he was going to say. You were angry and in pain, stress was moving through your body like a wave. Slight strikes of pain rising up again. "Like what, like his father did to him? You blame him for a mistake he didn't even make, you're condemning him before he even has a chance to show you he's a better man than him. You're holding your mother's resentment and pain and you're asking me to get rid of my child. Think about how insensitive that is, you're just being selfish Kyungsoo." He grabbed your hands with ridiculous strength and pressed them against the wall. You winced at his grip but you had to show him you were serious. This wasn't the Kyungsoo you knew, he was angry and he was definitely earning the nickname Satansoo. "Why shouldn't I be selfish? Haven't I given you everything, paid attention to you, taken care of you when you were sick, defended you when you were picked on." "Oh so you're saying I should be grateful that you defended the helpless damsel in distress? Kyungsoo I'm not as weak as you or your mother think I am. I won't lie I liked it when you defended me but it was never your responsibility. You treated me like a sister and so I accepted you as a brother. I don't want to lose you but you can't ask me to do something like this." "He doesn't know you Y/N, you don't know him. He'll destroy you." "We're learning, Kyungsoo if you love me like you say you do then let go. " You felt his grip loosen from your wrist and you took the opportunity to grab his hand. "I'm guilty of getting comfortable having you take care of me but you're guilty of letting your anger get to you." You pressed his hand against your stomach. "There's a life inside here, an innocent life. Don't ask me to take it away." He pulled back away from you not wanting to acknowledge the was something growing inside you, "I hate you." he said. Tears silently left your eyes as he said that. You couldn't speak, your breath was audible as you looked back at him. The pain striking you again. "I hate you." he said again louder like he was trying to convince himself of it. His hand gripped your neck while he cried silently with you. He kept repeating it, unaware of his tightening grip on your neck. You felt pain shoot through you and you grabbed his hand trying to pull him off and call his name. The door opened and Junmyeon saw him on you, his eyes darkened. "Get off of her. Right. Now." His tone darker than his eyes. His manner even scared you. Kyungsoo let you go leaving you coughing slightly. Regret and realization washing over his face. "I'm sorry Y/N I didn't mean to." "Lay another hand on her again, I dare you and watch it be the last time you have a hand." Junmyeon said emphasizing the last four words through gritted teeth. "Junmyeon he's drunk." you defended. "Then he's fucking stupid. Why don't you tell her the real reason why you're so upset at us being together Soo?" Your eyes narrowed then you winced at the pain shooting through your back and stomach sharper than before. You were getting worried. "You're in love with her, you have been for a while now haven't you?" Junmyeon said. "Shut up." Kyungsoo said turning from him. "The reality of it all is that you knew she only saw you as a brother so you thought being close to her would be enough. You'd push your feelings away and just take care of her." Junmyeon explained. "Shut up Junmyeon." he said warned. The pain going through your stomach came again but this time lasting a little longer and a little more painful. The guys didn't seem to notice just yet as you tried to keep together. You kept listening to them while worry settled in you. "It burns you to think that she actually ended up falling, not only for the guy she claimed to hate but your own brother too. It's like a betrayal to you, to love someone so much and get over looked like that. Her carrying my baby only makes it worse for you. You don't even realize how much she loves you, that she would do anything you say just to make you happy." "Junmyeon, you were the one that betrayed me. It's your curse given to you by your father to hurt the ones you love." Junmyeon had balled up his fist trying to restrain the urge to punch him until you screamed catching him off guard. "Ah! Junmyeon!" the pain now unbearable. Your breathing was unsteady and this time the pain didn't cease. Junmyeon came to your side immediately and Kyungsoo made his way to you too. You were crying harder and yelling in pain, "Something's not right, make it stop!" you cried. You were on your knees, one hand to your stomach and one squeezing his hand. "Hold on Y/N I've got you." Junmyeon said but even you could hear the panic he was trying to hide in his voice. "Ahh! It hurts, help me, I don't know what's happening." Your breaths were getting shorter, panic had set in already and was rising with the pain. You felt dizzy and just as you felt Junmyeon pick you up you passed out not being able to bare any more pain. The last thing you heard was the alarm from Junmyeon's voice saying, "Shit we need to get her to the hospital!"
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