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It was the start of a new semester at Yonsei University. Everybody was beginning to to come back from having a nice, long summer vacation. Many of these students were coming back from going home to their home countries varying from America to Australia. It was a good ratio of foreign students as well as locals. Other students stayed in Korea or visited some of the nearby countries such as Japan. But there were a small handful of students who had decided to spend their summer vacation working at part-time jobs getting some work done ahead of time to be able to get out of school a year earlier or so. Kim Wonshik was like those few students. He spent the majority of his break getting more hours at his jobs. He worked at two different locations, one at a retail/electronic store and the other at a café. The café was very close to the university and he just really enjoyed being there in the environment. He loved the smell of coffee ad the scent of the teas that were sold there throughout the day. Making coffee has always been a hobby that he enjoyed doing, so this job was quite fun to him. He was always able to see new people as well as make some friends among a few of the customers. Besides, many of the customers would come in just to see him, which brought in more customers as the time went by. Jung Taekwoon was another student who went to Yonsei. He spent his days at his parents house helping them in their restaurant that they owned. If not that then he would be writing new cords and playing the piano for the customers. He wasn't all that much of a talker or really socialized with people besides his family, so his "friends" kind of limited to just his mom. Most of the customers that would come in were there for him. To be able to hear him play was a rare chance, making them come back again to hear and witness it themselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anybody who knew of Wonshik or were friends with him, knew him by the name of Ravi. Only a few people new his real name which were his parents, teachers and bosses at his jobs. He seemed to be so sociable but the moment there is silence, he will be the quiets one you will find. Because he wasn't the best at starting conversations, he would instead let others talk. "Hey Ravi, ready to head back again since summer vacation is just about over." "Ah...yes sir, I guess so, as long as things don't get overly hectic or anything. Besides, I am trying to get out of there as fast as I possibly can. So basically, there goes my free time." "Well don't stress yourself out too much. You know you can always come and talk to me if there was ever anything going on or that you wanted to get something off of your chest, right?" "Ah, yes sir N-ssi" I call him N-ssi because it is a lot easier to remeber. His real name is Cha Hak-yeon. He is the manager and co-owner for the café. I kinda wonder as to when "N" became his nickname, but I don't really feel like questioning that or I could possibly be here until tomorrow. "You can go on ahead and leave early if you want. I can handle it here for the last hour." "Are you sure? I don't mind staying until close or after to help clean up." "Go on, you start school tomorrow anyways don't you? So you will need the extra rest before being bumbared with a heavy work load again." "Well, if you say so. Thanks and good night sir." "Later and don't forget what I told you." "Yes sir."
Hey guys. Okay so this is the first time really writing a story let alone a fanfic. So if there were something that sounded off or weird then please forgive me. I was trying to go a different direction from the ones that I have read before in the past. Look forward to the rest of the series and wish me good luck.
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This story is great! It just has a few typos here and there, but overall it's really good! I like how you started off by explaining the main characters and their occupations! Also, in my name, there is an 'i' between 'e' from Michelle and 'b' from Ibarra. c:
@MichelleIbarra sorry so. and thanks for the criticism
@Kpland1122 it was good I like it you started off good for your first fanfic ☺☺😄😄
@twistedPuppy woah thanks
I like the sounds of this so far. Its got potential ☺️