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You know how people are saying bambam said the "n" word. Yeah, that means you in Korean.
I am sick and tired of people hating on idols. First so called "armys" wanting war of hormone removed now this. People are getting upset because mark has a tattoo, yoogum is drunk and bambam said the "n " word.
people aka like you said so called "fans" need to chill out mark is a grown man he can do whatever he wishes & yugyeom ( who can legally drink in korea ) was simply trying to have fun people just like to overeact
@LocoForJiyong problem is people love the double standard in this country. like this white kid was saying it in one of my classes in high school, but nobody had an issue with it because he was cool and acted like he was a thug (though he probably weighed 95 lbs soaking wet and had never been to any shady area). same with rappers who aren't black. or freaking Jackie Chan in rush hour but someone who is clearly not using it as a slur and others are cool with it they want to make a big deal out of it. it's asinine and obnoxious and makes me think of toddlers throwing tantrums. except these have bigger repercussions. that's one problem I have with online things. people take less ownership of the ruining of anothers life because they don't see it happening directly in front of them anymore. puts even less faith in humanity in me everyday. and I barely have any to begin with being an animal advocate -.-
@Bwolfgirl yeah I actually watched the video a few times at first I didn't really notice it but I agree 100 percent he's not at fault and people shouldn't be that harsh on him because he wasn't using it in bad context
they've actually clarified. some of marks friends told bambam that nig*** meant brother which is why he said it in that video. I watched it multiple times and he did clearly say that. however, I agree with one of my favorite youtubers in the sense that it had become a commonplace word so people use it more casually. however many like it to keep to a double standard - only blacks can say it to others of any race buy not the other way around. so its not his fault in any way shape or form. however those in the spotlight in Korea are held to a higher standard than in America - part of why they're called idols - they're idolized, meant to be perfect to everyone, etc. it's too much to ask for and that's why with as demanding as people are becoming we're seeing more and more of our favorite artists and idols having to apologize for things that any humans shouldn't really have to - at least not to the extent they're made to. everyone makes mistakes. but idols aren't allowed to and fans won't let them forget that
wait what's this about army's wanting War of hormone removed? that's my jam
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