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@SimoneSanders aaawww no worries nakama it looks awesome as is now all I got to do is find a tattoo artist and stack up sum money yahohohohoho, your awesomeness
a year ago·Reply
@SunnyMing94 aww thank you so much im soooo happy you like it
a year ago·Reply
@SimoneSanders yahohohohoho thank you nakama I don't like it...... I LOVE IT yahohohohohohoho
a year ago·Reply
the Mue looks wonderful. You took a lot of time and care onto it, just the eye which is on top of it kinda doesn't seem like it should be there. if it's a unknown, then a little more work on it would make it look exceptional. Very nice job other then that @Nakama.
a year ago·Reply
thank you for the feed back im really happy @Dandank94
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