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Well Sorry Guys I Didn't Do The Second Question Yesterday Because I Wasn't Feeling Well TTuTT But My Throat Still Hurts Poor Me.

Now Let's Start!!!

Tuesday: Which Anime Character(s) Who Are Like Me?
First Im More Like Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!) I'm Very Shy With Other Poeple And Awkward. My Life Was Very Difficult Too Because Of Various Problems. My Height Is About 5'01 Something, My Lil Sis is Taller Than Me TTuTT And I'm A Bit Of Tsundere Too
I'm Like Mei Tachiba (Say "I Love You). When I Was A Kid I'm Very Social Person But One Day My Friends Left Me And Started Talking Behind My Back TT^TT And I Decided To Not Trust Anyone Easily, Make Friends And Not To Get Too Close To Other Poeple ( -- _ -- ). When I Was In Middle School I Was Anti-Social But By The End Of The School Year (7th Grade) I Did Make Friends ( Not BFF ) They Were Nice And Kind But Still They Left Me Behind Cuz They Said I'm Boring And They Found A Better Person That Me Lol -_- , Also I Like Food.
And I'm More Like Shizuku Mizutani ( My Little Monster) Well I Don't Have Friends Yeah So I Just Focused On Studying Everyday And Most Of My Grades Were Good But I Do Play Games When I Bored.

Now Let's Move On To The Third Question!!!

Now Todays Question Is That What Other Hobbies Do I Have?

The Hobbies That I Have Are:

Playing Instruments And Listening To Music

- Guitar and Ukulele

Play Video Games

Edit Pictures And Drawing


Singing And Dancing

And Play Basketball Too

Well I Hope U Guys Enjoy This Card And I Hope U Guys Have The Same Personality And Hobbies I Have Hehe @hikaymm
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@MiyukiKawaii 😂😂😂
@GuacheSuede 😂😂😂
@MiyukiKawaii Do you play LH or RH then?
@GuacheSuede I Play LH
@MiyukiKawaii GG. My dad gave me my first guitar, but he plays RH and that was all he had. So the past 11 years I've played RH. But for the last couple of years I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere, and most of the mistakes I make are caused by my pick hand. So I'm saving up for a LH Ibanez or Jackson. Just don't look forward to unlearning everything.