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I'm curious if there any base on the other side of the moon. any advanced technology and civilization ready to attack and enslaving us. note: the first and the second are mine, the last is from devianart
I'd say the easiest answer is "yes", but I would stop *just shy* of calling it slavery (per se)... Its more like we're being "managed" because humans can be dumber than teenagers drinking & driving (in the macro sense). We're just smart enough to do dumb things thinking we "know it all" & not checking in w/ various neighbors before doing dumb things. Part of it is the whole "we have to be protected from ourselves" thing, & the other part is that you have to see *you* as two distinct parts - one part energy, one part mass, & the two are managed differently for various reasons
@nuurussubchiy But then who would they skrimage against? πŸ˜ƒ Seriously tho, if they can pull it off I'll give them a free, "There, go be bad@$$es of the Galaxy upgrade"
@StarRainTearBow i hope all nations can team up and united be a Space Army or something