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I didn't want to say anything but I don't think I can stay quiet...

On the issue of BamBam and Yugyeom, it isn't good. There is nothing good about it. People were talking about Mark's tattoo but honestly that's no big deal. Some kpop artists do, like Amber from f(x), so it doesn't bother me. The issue with BamBam, I watched the video and people are saying he wasn't speaking English, but it doesn't sound too much like Korean either. I watched the video and a few times just to make sure I was heading it correctly and I could hear the n-word there. As a Black/African-American fan I'm not insulted, but I am disappointed. He wasn't educated on what the word meant and he was lied to about the meaning. Most of the Blacks and Aferican-Americans I'm around don't use that word a lot. I don't use that word because it makes me uncomfortable. About Yugyeom, to me he looked drunk, when I see others at the pool and in the heat yes they get very red in the face but they didn't act the way he did. I live in a mostly Caucasian community and most of my friends are Caucasian. I have seen people red from the head and drunk. I just saying that Yugyeom looked and seemed drunk, and I can't see it any other way. Once again I'm disappointed that someone, Jackson, Mark, JB, or Junior did at least keep some type of watch over him. Mark's "friends" should have understood that Got7 has a large fan base as well as a large antifan base. They were careless and wreck less and didn't think of the consequences. Please understand that Yugyeom could have done something worse other than drinking and BamBam could have said more insulting words. I feel that BamBam and Yugyeom were just trying to fit in with Mark's friends. They were probably my the two youngest there and didn't want to feel like outcasts. They probably see Mark as an older brother figure to some degree and wanted to be accepted by his friends. I just hope that Got7 will realize their mistakes and apologize. Hopefully Mark can fine better friends and the members will fix their mistakes. But all these death threats and telling BamBam that he needs to leave the group is unnecessary and immature. There is no need for a member to leave the group what's needed is for the members to be educated and be more aware of the things that are harmful to them. Okay I'm done I just had to put that out there.
I'm just here to say thank you about what you said about bambam - he said the word and the reaction should be disappointment and the urge to educate, not anger and the need to excuse him by saying he was just speaking korean
@JewelsLouise1 Gosh I hate how bad this situation has become! Poor boys are suffering
@KpopGaby If they push back thier comeback and cancel it, they could possibly hurt thier career. I don't think JYP wpuld just fire Got7 because they are one of the biggest groups overseas he has at the moment.
@KpopGaby Yeah, Mark's friends really did a great job at screwing up Got7's image and maybe thier career
@JewelsLouise1 I hope not. They shouldn't be punished because of a mistake someone else did. Well I wouldn't say it was a mistake because of obviously Mark's friends didn't accidentally upload those videos.
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