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Nakama Intro 3 my non-Anime hobbies :3

I have a many hobbies but I'll break it down into three and separate them by category if I happen to like something as somebody else then good :3 great minds think alike

Video Games:

Something like with anime I couldn't live without. I like to sit down and enjoy many a good game but I also love many a game Dragons Dogma, Kingdom hearts, Fire emblem, Mass Effect, God Eater, and MvC. I like different taste to really fit whatever mood I'm in but my favorite genre of game is fighting:)


I have my fair share of shows I like some I'm disappointed got canceled (Constantine) and others that are going strong a few of my favorites Supernatural, The Flash, The Last man on Earth, Archer, Psych, and My name is Earl. I think all of these shows are fantastic how each plays it's own roll as knowing what it is and sticking to it (especially in supernatural when they were Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). On Earl I think Greg Garcia is a great director even going so far as to reunite all the characters in Raising Hope shows he was dedicated as hell to his work.
Movies: Who doesn't enjoy a time out in a dark room with your ear drums being blown out and your overpriced popcorn spilling on the floor. Well if your like me you can't get enough of movies at least the good ones ones, recently I've been graced with Zootopia and Civil War both going down in my all time favorites without a doubt I loved the chemistry between Judy and Nick of course almost EVRYTHING Disney puts out is a money printer, moving on Civil War was a delight with a story that seemed to weave everything together and properly place segments where they needed to be even with it's large cast something that I'm sure most appreciated :3 and lastly a franchise that seems to only get better and better Kung-Fu Panda every movie is so good without a loss of information from the other. Characters develop properly and the Action isn't bogged down by the comedy or vice versa something most studios struggle to do and yet DreamWorks cruahd it with this series I hope it stays AWESOME!
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