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So recently I just found out that bambam and Yugyeom are caught in a controversy. It's not as big as rape, but it's still pretty big. But honestly I watched the clips with an unbiased mind, and I haven't heard bambam say the n word at all. I've heard others say it around him, like three people say it. As for the underage drinking, I'm not so worried about that. I mean people do it all the time. For fuck sake the president knows that teens drink underage. So people who are stating that they are disappointed in these boys should take a step back. Because this is how we represented ourselves. These boys have never lived in America to know the right and wrongs of this country. Their careers aren't over. Relax guys. It honestly surprises me that so many people are getting offended off of something that EVERYONE does here. "BUT THEIR FOREIGNERS THEY SHOULD RESPECT US." yes, and they do. But that doesn't mean that we have the right to judge them harshly for what out country already fucking does. If you walk down the halls of a high school now you hear the n word everywhere. I know I did. And I also know that everyone does underage drinking. Prom is a good fucking example. Yugyeom even sang "Bitch better have my money." He had to be reminded that that is a curse word that he said on air. People need to grow up. We aren't high and mighty. It was a slip up and people do it all the fucking time. Calm yourselves.
Honestly ppl do worse here so they need to stfu literally everyone drinks underage unless your an angel or have personal reasons and some ppl say the n word I don't bc I already know that it can hurt someone but like you said they don't live in this country they don't know what's right from wrong all the time . They didn't kill anyone and ppl are just to sensitive these days, got7 can learn from there mistakes like we do no one is near perfect so I hope this dies down. I don't think they did any harm tbh
@AlenaSegura nether do I but apparently to everyone else they did something worse than mass murder. Like sheesh
besides we dont even know if its all true. As for Yugyeom, people who sit out on the sun for a long time tend to get red and tired. Its called heat exhaustion or heat stroke. BamBam probably heard the the word and thought it meant something else and Im guessing whoever he said it to either didnt care or didnt notice or he didnt even say it at all
I really don't see a problem I see kids outside my door saying worse and doing worse so for him to be condemned is mental. just cause he's got status and stuff. my first drink wasn't at 21 so him underage drinking is something all youth do. I'm half expecting my daughter to ask me for her first drink soon haha
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