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well for starters I'm big into paper craft. I love putting the models of all sizes together.
I also have a massive origami set up. apologize that I don't have any models to show off but I do have lots of paper. I make lots of stuff and give it away. few I keep put my origami has all been given to people.
I'm also a gamer. look my up on PlayStation. ctsr1 or nintendo 3ds.
I'm a heavy reader and collector of random bits of random lol. so yeah that sums up about half of my hobbies. there is more but I don't want to make this card into a novel lol.
@CandyApple22 some take weeks to build. what is your favorite genres to read?
@ctsr1 I can see why! They look so awesome! My fav genres are fantasy, action, romance, and adventure ouo)b
Those are some cool paper figures!! °o° I'm also a big reader!