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Baba ghanoush, a dip that focuses on smoky eggplant and dolls it up with lemon, tahini (sesame paste), olive oil and garlic, is one of my favorites. Super easy and perfect with chips or crackers or bread or veggies (raw or cooked) or pasta or eggs or lots of things. I'll be sharing a way to serve it with broccoli (cooked! Raw broccoli makes me sad) soon (:
I think my mom just would put TOO much eggplant and TOO little tahini in hers, so the consistency was all off!
@danidee sameee. lolol i like that name much better! (;
I loooove baba ghanoush. I used to hate it when I was a little girl. I'd call it baba ghanasty.
@danidee ahh. but i love how you can add whatever or try to fix it at any point (which i'm not used to at all bc hello, can't add anything to cookie dough once it's baked).