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❧ For today's Winsome Wednesdays, I will be highlighting some of my favorite solo tracks of hubby and Clips of him rapping. . .

《I'm already dead, so what more can he do to me》

❧ JenJen's voice is one that kills me everytime I hear him. He's absolutely my favorite ♡

❧ Love Letter ♡

☆☆ This one is one of my most favorites.

❧ Always By Your Side ♡

❧ The Beat ♡

☆☆ Sorry not Sorry for this. I am addicted to his voice ☆☆

《I may have died a little bit alot with that smile at the end》

❧ Mercy

《Explicit Language warning. If colorful vocabulary offends you, then don't click.》

♡ This too is one of my favorites ♡

❧ BEBE JUST RELEASED THIS!! It's so good and I'd be lying if I said I don't put this on repeat.

☆☆ Disillusion

☆☆ Bus

☆☆ Rolling

☆☆ Back To The Sun

☆☆ No Problem

❧ Compilation of bebe being a BAMF. . .

❦ Topp Klass Mod & Support ❦

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@MelissaGarza it's no problem at all dear! I wasn't sure if people knew about it yet, so I decided why not share ♡
@AimeeH thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have heard if you didn't share it with us☺
@MelissaGarza Yeasss!! I love it! I'm so happy he released it
this is the first time I heard disillusion. it's a really good rap song.