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So firstly, I'm sorry for not posting any more chapters or parts for anything but I thought I'd leave 'Player' on a break as the next part is what happens after they take down the dad's company. Secondly, because of my overactive imagination I have started to write multiple stories and not finished them. I still haven't decided how to finish Player yet. Thirdly, I admit to not writing that often but when I do, I write a lot. Like 3 chapters at a time.
Anyway, I thought I'd use this card to say what's to come I.e. which Fanfics are in the works at the moment... - A Park Jimin FF - A Taehyung FF - A collective Bangtan FF that leads to a relationship in the end - Still working on 'Jackpot' the U-Kwon FF - An Exo FF - A Baekhyun FF And plenty more that I come up with over time. I'm not sure which ones to do first but the collective Bangtan one will be up later this month as its date specific. Otherwise, please suggest which ones you'd like to see first and/or know more info about and I'll see to that first
yes can't wait especially for the taehyung and jimine ff
The collective Bangtan fanfic caught my eye but they all seem very interesting
They all sound great! I would personally like to see the Jimin FF