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DAY 22 - Favorite weapon, gear or armor used in anime?

Erza Scarlet's Heavens Wheel Armor from Fairy Tail!


I have always loved all the different types of armor Erza has. They are all strong and amazing. But my favorite of them all is the Heaven's Wheel Armor because just looking at it scares me. She looks like a princess but then she pulls out 100 swords and I would run like hell... She looks so cool in anything. The swords will all be in the air, she aims at a target and all the swords will fly towards it piercing it. If that's not intimidating, I don't know what is. I also like her Japanese Cloth outfit too because it's the outfit that she usually wears to finish off her opponents and for it to be a simple armor, it holds up pretty well.


Inuyasha's Tetsiaga is a very strong sword that only Inuyasha can wield. It has different forms. One being able to get rid of barriers, another that shoots diamonds and a form that can slay 100 demons in one swing. It's powerful and I want this sword! There are many other forms and powers within this one sword. When I think about it I might like it more than Erza's armor but at the same time I still like hers a little more.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what YOUR favorite weapon, gear or armor is!

yeah I'm bad at remembering armor names lol along with weapons XD
@AnimeFan4Evr haha it happens
Nice pick .o. and I'd have to go with Sinbads power/weapon/armor from Magi
agreed with Erza's heaven's wheel armor
I love Erza's Nakama Armor the most