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Who:Reader xHuang Zitao What:Fluff (I felt like with the chapter 8 of Blackmail being released I needed to post something that was cute) Story: N/A
The sound of screaming children brought back memories of when you two had played together. The cool breeze on the beach blew your hair and dress around lightly while mini you and mini Zitao ran around in the sand barefoot. You pretending to be the frightened princess and he was your prince, your knight in shinning armor. He had to protect you from your older brother who acted as the roaring dragon. You could almost hear and see the young versions of yourselves running around before you. A huge sandcastle in the middle of the beach crafted by your brother and your father's hand's. Its large towers and intricate detail made it look like real stone work. The balcony something your dolls could play on and see the world before them. Then there was the draw bridge you and Tao controlled by pulling on a shoe string your brother tied to drift wood. The moat before the castle brought in water from the high tide. When you two weren't circling the sandcastle screaming at the top of your lungs, he was holding your hand and walking you down the boardwalk. He'd show off his martial art skills even though he said he was practicing. You always watched in awe at his perfect movements. He had only become more skilled and fluid in his performance as he grew up. You remembered the seashells you two found that looked like twins. You kept one and he kept the other, at eight years old you both wished for you two to never part ways. At just ten years old your old brother passed away from cancer and your parents moved out of China. You and Tao were devastated, your father's took you back to the beach you played at one last time before the move and you both she'd tears, for your brother and for your inevitable fate to be separated. In each of your hands, a twin seashell you'd made your wish on you now making the promise to find each other again. He had become an idol when you saw him again, only the distance between you two was miles apart. He was in South Korea, you in North America. So you followed Exo on tour saving up enough money to get a ticket close enough to the action to see his face. Your best friend and first love even that young, even before you could comprehend what love was sang before you. You watched him perform on stage, his fluid movements still the same like you had always remembered him. When Exo neared the stage to speak to the audience he happened to catch you in the crowd. He did a double take making sure what his eye had grazed over wasn't just a trick. He looked at you, up close and by the stage, almost close enough to touch. He smiled and sent a message back for security to come get you. At first you were nervous and confused but when they came off stage he came right up to you. Asking you if you were really Y/N, you hadn't changed a bit and neither had he. You smiled big at him and showed him the seashell you made your promise on. The smile that formed on his face and the tight hug that came after it made your eyes water with happiness that he had remembered you. Not long after that you two hooked up, dating in secret but making time for each other as much as you could. The seashells getting you two through every argument about not seeing each other, through every threat to end the relationship, every pang of jealousy and fit of rage. You followed him even when he left exo, you cried when he cried. You were there for him like he was there for you, when your father got sick and when you'd lost your job. Every moment you two hit a rocky road, you were there for each other. Until the day came where he asked you on that sandy beach to be his wife. You said yes but kept the engagement secret, even the marriage was held as a secret for a year and a half which surprised both of you. Now, there you were looking at the running children before you on the same beach you had run with him across, you had walked the boardwalk with, been proposed to on. There he was chasing the children, playing the same role your older brother once played with you. He saw you smiling at him and came over to you smiling back. He kissed you quick and sat down behind you wrapping his arms around you. "Y/N you should come play with us." he said sweetly. "No, I'm afraid I'm not moving as swiftly as I used to." you said. He chuckled, "Only a few more months." he whispered in your hear. His hand wrapped around your rounded belly. You leaned into him with a sigh, nodding in response. "Third one already, we made need to get a hobby." you said. His mouth rested in the space between your shoulder and neck and he laughed in it. His voice was slightly muffled as he said, "I don't know I kind of like our current hobby." You chuckled and slapped his hand playfully. The happy baby inside kicked its leg causing you to lunge forward a little, "Wow that was a big one!" you said. "I know I felt it." Tao laughed behind you, his hand still firm on your stomach. Your screaming twins running over to you. "Momma did the baby kick!" Ya said excitedly next to you. "Yes baby he did." you said petting her hair. "Wow can I feel!" Yun screamed as he placed his hands on your stomach practically shoving Tao's hand aside. Tao chuckled, "Yun you have to be gentle and patient your baby brother, Ying, will kick when he's ready." Another kick came, "Oh! Looks like he's ready." you chuckled while wincing at the slight pain. Yun started to shout, "I felt it! I felt it! Ya come feel!" Ya the gentler of the two placed a hand on your belly and almost as if knowing his siblings wanted to feel him, he gave a small gentle kick. Ya screamed happily and you and Tao laughed. "Alright you two, let's clean up and we can go get some ice cream." Tao said. The twins turned around, running to pick up their shovels and pails while Zitao helped you stand up. "See not as swiftly." you said. "That's okay. My sweet princess is beautiful anyway." His lips gently pressed against yours. "Thank you my sweet Prince." Tao smiled and lead you by the hand, your twins running ahead of you merrily, while both you and Tao yelled for them to slow down and be careful then laughing when Yun turned around with a wild pouting expression. You were happy here, your children and your husband had made you feel complete. You walked off into the sunset with them and as the story books like to say.... you lived happily ever after.
Okay so I'm not dropping Mr. Sandman until Blackmail is finished but I really felt like I needed to drop a happy fluffy one-shot for everyone that read Blackmail cause shit kinda got real in there lol. Thanks for reading ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco
@QueenLee Me too!!!!!
@Kpossible4250 Possibly both! I'm deep in the story... TOO DEEP πŸ˜‚
@QueenLee Is thst a good thing or a bad thing????
@QueenLee Lmfao wow I'm happy but I feel like I should also apologize for the pain I'm causing you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Kpossible4250 get some food in yah! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”πŸ•πŸπŸŸπŸ™
Awwww that was so sweet!!
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