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Nakama Intro Week Day 3: What other hobbies do you have? Cause I defiantly have have hobbies outside of anime.... This is gonna be hard but wish me luck!!
Reading!! You will mainly see me reading manga, fanfictions, comics, and doujinshi's so I guess thats sorta around anime (cheated yet again teehee) I also read books though! Like regular, non-yaoi, official books
Baking/Eating Stuff!! Well I at least try to bake but don't expect it to be pro level or anything. I putting eating in here as well cause if you do as much eating as I do it would probably be considered a hobby or maybe just an obsession (=ↀωↀ=)
Yaoi!! Yaoi is everywhere not just anime. That might just be my sad excuse I made so a could put this in here but I'm doing it! But I must say, yaoi isn't really a hobby, its a lifestyle
Dating Sims!! I got really into dating sims ever since I started to watch reverse harem to find yaoi ships (yup I have stooped that low) Ever since I started playing them I haven't been able to stop. The yaoi ones make me even more addicted, heh...
Here is some gay potato food porn for you


*I'm dead inside*