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What's up guys, John here.

This is a little late but better late than never. Heechul and Kim Jungmo has released their second mini album, entitled “Goody Bag.” The mini album features the title track “Ulsanbawi,” a track influenced by trot, a kind of Korean pop music that was dominant up until the 1980s. The music video for “Ulsanbawi” shows Kim Heechul trying to achieve his fanboy dreams by meeting a famous celebrity, who’s played by I.O.I and DIA member Jung Chaeyeon, and inviting her to watch their street performance. 
As with all five original tracks on their mini album, “Ulsanbawi” was composed and arranged by Kim Jungmo, with the lyrics written by Kim Heechul. The mini album also includes a remix version of the track. Listen to the album and tell me your thoughts.
I think the video is cute, but don't care so much for the song.
@JamiMilsap echoed my thoughts+Heechul looks so good with his raven black hair