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I was on the phone with my sister this morning and she told me got a horrible haircut. This is her first time getting her hair professionally cut. In the past, she would do the v-shape and trimming herself (super talented girl). During the process of getting her haircut, she continuously gave feedback to the hairstylist to ensure they're both on the right track. Despite her effort, the hair didn't turn out the way she wanted it.
This was the first time I saw her this angry. She went and posted a 1-star review on Yelp. The owner replied back stating that my sister made a mistake for writing this review regarding her salon. The person who styled her hair is a freelance hairstylist and only comes in if he has an appointment scheduled.
Well, that made no-sense. I learned a valuable lesson from my sister's experience and I wanted to share with everyone here just in case you encounter the same thing.

Things to do before getting your haircut:

1. Get to know your hairstylist. Professional stylist is knowledge and you will sense while having a conversation with him/her. 2. Layout all the don'ts, so your hairstylist know what to avoid. Once they start trimming, it will be difficult to reverse the damage.
3. Bring in a picture if you have to!

Things to do during your haircut:

1. Have a casual conversation with your hairstylist. Not only will this brighten up the mood, but it'll will help your hairstylist feel less nervous.
2. Sometimes, hairstylist might forget about your preference. Friendly, remind your hairstylist if you have to. Don't be harsh! Otherwise, the stylist might loose the momentum.

Things to do after getting your haircut:

1. Review the haircut and this is the time where give compliments or feedbacks to the hairstylist. Professional hairstylist will be open to constructive criticism to improve! Also, by doing this your hairstylist won't be surprise if you leave a negative feedback on Yelp.
2. Talk to your hairstylist about hair maintenance. 3. If you like the hairstylist, make sure you get their business card for future reference.
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@Miichi I know. I'm in the same category except with my eyebrows. I have to be super confident with the beauty esthetician before getting it thread or wax. Hair can grow back any time but eyebrows are gone once it's over-waxed.
@HairConfetti yeah agree eyebrows are super important
All good tips. I've been with my stylist for about 6 years now and I won't let anyone else touch my hair. The one time I did cheat on her with a quick cut at a chain place the girl gave me a mullet and ruined my hair. I cried and it took about a year of growing and cutting to fix it. Whenever I see a style or color I want to try I bring a pic to her and we tailor it to my coloring and face shape. Can not stress enough how important it is to know your stylist before they do anything to your hair.
I always go to the cheapo walk in places. My cuts pretty easy though. Trim off the dead ends, long layers, and frame my bangs.
Exactly ask long have the person worked as a hair stylist the bottom line never settle for less bc I was in the same situation and my hair is so long and I truly love it I ask for a very small trim she cut all my beautiful hair to my shoulders. I stupidly forgot my voice and didn't say a word I should have gotten my money back and used my voice so never settle for anything less than What you pay for and or life.