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Imagine Min Yoongi meeting your parents for the first time.

*Requested by: @sarahdarwish*
Since meeting your parents is considered a huge step in a relationship, Yoongi would just become more confident at your relationship's future. Though that wouldn't stop his feeling of anxiety at finally meeting your parents and leaving a good impression. Despite all your assurances he would still be worried and would do all he could to prepare for the important night. Since he doesn't know much English he would spend his nights learning as much as he could. You would insist to help him knowing that it was probably hard for him. He would gladly take your help and the lessons would soon become just a way to bring you two even closer. There would be a lot of things that you would notice about Yoongi in the days before you introduce him. He probably wouldn't be sleeping as much desperately trying to better his English. He would also be a little more distant from you so he can think alone. When the night would finally come he may not be as comfortable at first but wouldn't really care what happened. He would tell you no matter what he loves and won't ever leave you even if your parents object. Nevertheless the night would overall go by smoothly. His English would have drastically improved and his manners would be perfect. Once Yoongi gets more relaxed his real self would make itself known. The savage but caring Suga, your love Min Yoongi.
This was so nice to read. Errrrrrmmmmm how about looking through a music and electronic store, but after seeing him there so many times he comes up to you and (in the best English he could muster) asks you questions and things go from there, happily.
Aww, Yoongi is so adorable! Could you do one with Jonghyun from SHINee if you have time?
so cute! poor Yoongi, if he tried to date me... just being Korean would leave a bad impression on my family. and we're Russian so he'd be learning Russian? oh gosh. stay away from me Yoongi xD
I love it....I would to see one on T.O.P, Rap Monster, or Chanyeol
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