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ALRIGHT let's get started on what my hobbies are!
Alright so I'll start with my more artistic side. I like to cook with my mom, it's fun when we try to make it taste better than the other. I also love learning how to play the piano and the guitar even if I'm not that good on the guitar😅. I love listening to my music it's pretty much my only escape other than reading, writing, and watching anime. I also love painting and drawing, it's fun to let my imagination run while well when I'm not in a bloodlust mood hehe. I like to cosplay as killers such as Jeff the killer and Kagekao it's really fun. And I also love to sing and dance, I've been singing since the second grade and dancing since the 3rd, no not actually dancing lessons just to the music my family played like cumbia. Being as I was raised in a Mexican family hehe. (You have no idea how hard it was to find that Gale dancing to salsa picture it was hard)
Alright now I'll show my more... Extreme hobbies hehe. Well I like to play with knives sometimes using them to play darts. I love to shoot guns it's a lot of fun the adrenaline you feel while shooting one is amazing. I love moshing at rock concerts it's awesome, jumping up and down to the music of your favorite bands... God it's such an awesome feeling. I also love swimming in pretty much the girl version of Haruka from Free! Cx. I love to fight, no I don't start fights but if someone punches me first oh hell yea I'll leave them bruised or bleeding depending now how pissed i am. And lastly anime watching of course, my parents says it useless but I say otherwise it teaches me a lot of things that the people around me can't teach.