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Ever wandered about the games Idols play? Games such as 3-6-9, Frying Pan (Name Game), and Baskin Robbins 31?
Well they are all considered drinking games in Korea. Drinking is a big part of Korean culture so naturally they have made games to go along with it. Although these games also seem to be popular amongst Kpop groups too usually without the drinking part.

The Quick Wit Game:

(also known as the Nunchi Game)

(Skip to 9:51 in the video to see GOT7 play the game)
"This is another counting game, and you can only say one number, too. Everyone sits in a circle, and someone has to start by saying one and standing up at the same time.
The next person has to say two and stand up, and so on. If more than one person says a number and stands up at the same time then they have to drink. However, the person who is last also has to drink, so be quick and be “witty!”"

Frying Pan:

(also know as the Name Game)

(Skip to 13:13 to see GOT7 playing the game)
"First, everyone sits in a circle and sings a song:
“DING-dingdingding, DANG-dangdangdang, DINGDING, DANGDANG, the name game!”
Then, everyone claps.
Clap 1: Slap your thighs.
Clap 2: Clap your hands.
Then, point to the right with one thumb.
Then, point to the left with one thumb.
Then, slap your thighs again, and so on.
The first person will say someone’s name along with a number from one to four. That person has to immediately say their name that many times to the beat while clapping or pointing, and then pick someone else."

Baskin Robbins 31:

"Get everybody in a circle. Each person can say up to 3 numbers in order. If you start you could say 1, or 1, 2 or 1, 2, 3. The next person can do the same but starting from 2, 3, or 4. This goes around and around until it comes to 30. Whoever gets stuck with 31 must drink."

I Love You:

(Skip to 4:00 in the video above to see VIXX play the game!)
"Sit in a circle with your friends. Have your drinks ready! Now the object of the game is to not laugh. If you do then you have to drink. The person who starts turns to the guy or gal on his left and says I love you____. With whatever word they can think of going into the blank. If they don’t laugh you then turn to the person on your right."


(also known as Gong-gong-chil)

"Everyone sits in a circle. The first person says gong and points to someone else. That person says gong, or “0,” and points to someone else. That person says chil, or “7,” and points to someone else.
Then, that person says bang. The game stops, and the people on both sides of the person who said bang have to raise their hands. If they don’t, then they have to drink."
Have you ever wandered how to play these games? I know I have!
To find out more about these games or find more games like these click here and here.
None of this information is mine and it all belongs to the websites I mentioned above!!
Hope you enjoyed this card!
Name game we use to play at summer camp.
@ChaErica It was...but now I can't remember the punishment.
@JaxomB Really that's awesome!? Was it fun?